Electronic Music is Changing in 2023

Innovation paired with creativity is showing signs of new times

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Electronic music has been changing over the years but recent Innovations paired with creativity from individual music creators is showing signs of new times. In 2023, we expect to see new electronic music trends, technologies, and techniques that will revolutionize electronic music forever. This article will cover some of the changes we anticipate in electronic music in 2023.

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The Rise of AI-Generated Music One of the most significant changes we expect to see in electronic music in 2023 is the rise of AI-generated music.

AI technology has advanced significantly in recent years, making it possible to create music that is almost indistinguishable from human-produced music. This development has the potential to transform the way music is made and consumed. The problems with Ai have already shown to be more of a negative for talented creators who spend time making music.

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The Problem with Ai Generated Music

The issue at hand is that artificial intelligence is creating music based on existing material, but the original creators of that material are not being compensated, and it’s unclear who owns the new music that’s being generated. A recent example is a song called “Heart on My Sleeve” which was released on various streaming platforms and attributed to “Ghostwriter” with vocals from Drake and The Weeknd. However, neither artist had anything to do with the song, which was generated by AI using existing recordings. The song was eventually removed from streaming platforms after UMG demanded it be taken down. This incident has brought attention to the issue and sparked discussion in the music industry.

Report: https://www.ludwig-van.com/toronto/2023/04/18/report-music-industry-grapples-ai-generated-music/?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

Universal Music Group (UMG), one of the industry’s giants, is challenging the right of streaming platforms to play AI-based works that essentially riff off their vast catalogue of copyrighted material.

UMG sent letters to Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms asking them to block AI platforms from sifting through their copyrighted material in order to train itself to compose. Universal represents internationally recognized pop stars like The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande, and it looks like they have reason to be concerned.

The Grey Area of Copyright Law in AI-generated Music

This grey area raises questions about who owns the copyright of AI-generated works and whether they can be copyrighted at all. Some argue that the developers or owners of the AI technology should hold the copyright, while others believe that the AI system itself should be recognized as the creator and thus hold the copyright. As AI technology continues to advance, it is likely that this issue will become even more complex and require further examination by lawmakers and legal experts.

*Lady Albatross -4Sho

Real Music Created by Humans

Real Music creators will be needing our help and support more than ever until the dust settles on the Ai streaming culture and the streaming platforms agree to ban tracks created by robots.

Here’s a list of amazing humans creating Electronic music and the music curators who support them.

  • 2Ten — Swarm 3 (original mix)
  • per chi non muore by Carbeau
  • Rosalie Bea- Under The Surface
  • Alan Elettronico — Neon Frost
  • Thomas Lehmkühler — Lively Imagination
  • Ethan Lazarus- Princess Zoey (Orchestral Soundtrack Style Music)
  • *Lady Albatross -4Sho
  • Karl Baudoin — Gotta Go


Music Genre: Electronic
Sub-genre: Ambient; Dark ambient; Industrial ambient; Experimental ambient; Downtempo; Soundscapes; Drone; Experimental; Chill Out
Vibe: Soundscape: Atmospheric; Focus;
Located in: Den Haag, The Netherlands Sounds like: Mount Shrine / r beny / Burial Correlations Part Three
The EP: “Correlations”

“Correlations” is my second EP as Njordlyd. An EP consisting of 5 tracks that continues the industrial and dark ambient-styled music from the album “Getting Closer”. “Correlations Part Three” is the 3rd track on the EP “Correlations”. The journey continues with the feeling of being sad, somewhere in a melancholic place (or space) with life and activity. A nature-like environment, open and spacious. It then slowly transitions into a somewhat more active or busy place (or space), a less nature-like environment. Somewhere with a slightly more industrial and underground feel to it, a sort of downwards atmosphere.


2Ten — Swarm 3 (original mix)

Music Genre: House
Vibe: Melodic
Located in: Canada Sounds
Swarm 3 is a sequel to the original Swarm (Swarm 2 is coming), which I recently discovered to be a new production technique. This is a sound experience made composed of rhythms, percussion, and ambient textures that work together to allow the listener to hear the warmup, the warning then the attack of harmonies and melodies.

per chi non muore by Carbeau

Carbeau is a French & Italian artist based in Paris. He has gained experience by touring with “The Lemon Twigs” and opening for huge acts like “The Arctic Monkeys” He presents his third solo single. This electronic composition showcases his exceptional musical mastery in experimenting with diverse imagery and presenting passionate yet hermetic lyrics. The song takes the listener on a captivating journey, reminiscent of Kavinsky’s dark “Nightcall” mixed with Polo & Pan’s vibrant tropical electro-pop. Attached is an animated video made by the artist for per chi non muora.

Rosalie Bea- Under The Surface

Genre: Ambient Meditation music

“Montreal’s Rosalie Bea, is releasing a new music video for her single “Under The Surface,” an atmospheric indie pop ode about being true to yourself and emotions during times of turmoil and unease.” For several years, Rosalie Bea worked composing for other artists, before working on her music to build her authentic universe. Also a graphic designer, the artist wants to use digital technology to mix forms of expression, both music and design, together.

Alan Elettronico — Neon Frost

“The song is inspired by the glistening sounds of ice and crystals. It is a dance tune with synthwave accents and atmospheric elements. Best part comes at 2.13.”

Thomas Lehmkühler — Lively Imagination

Genre: Neo / Modern Classical

Alan Elettronico is part of dubstep duo Oem Quartet and New Wave collective The Wave Hunters with which he gas performed in various electronic festivals around Italy. As a solo artist he published “Electric Mind” in december 2020, a Synthwave/space disco 5 tracks EP released on major streaming platforms.

Thomas Lehmkühler is an experienced producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist who won over the judges of the 2020 German Songwriting Awards with his melancholic but hopeful piano piece ‘VIRUS’. He composed (TV report) hundreds of songs, produced (Reality Studio) in different genres and has already published several musical apps. As an independent coach (Online), he also passes on his knowledge to young artists.

Ethan Lazarus- Princess Zoey (Orchestral Soundtrack Style Music)

Released by: Ethan Lazarus Music
Genre: Cinematic / Epic Music
Similar artists: joe hisaishi, john williams

Dr. Lazarus is a cellist, pianist, composer, arranger and orchestrator. He loves composing cross-genre music combining elements from classical, jazz and tango to epic cinema and new age. In addition to composing and producing music, he has performed on the cello with his dear friend Carl Algermissen as part of the Grand Tango Duo for over 2 decades. Street Tango represents the culmination of their work arranging music by famous Argentinian Tango Composer Astor Piazzolla for Cello and Piano. A full-time physician for over 25 years, Dr. Lazarus has continued to pursue music throughout his professional training and career.

Lady Albatross -4Sho

Genre: Jazz
Moods: Chill
Similar artists: Hubert Laws, Herbie Mann, Yusef Lateef, Eric Dolphy, James Moody, Dav Valentin, James Newton

4Sho” is an original jazz composition by Brazilian guitarist Hugo Nogueira. This live performance single, features Lady Albatross on flute.

Karl Baudoin — Gotta Go

Genre: Funk
Moods: Energetic
Similar artists: Tower of Power, James Brown, Prince, Albert Collins, Funkadelic,

“High energy old school funk instrumental with a guitar on fire and hellish horns !” Funky nitty gritty instrumental with an infectious groove, frantic guitar solo, complex and punchy horns arrangements and a wild sax solo in the bridge section to top it off. Karl Baudoin has been playing music from an early age. Self taught for some 20 years and “properly” musically educated for another 20 years or so. He studied with Berklee College of Music and got a Master in Composition and Orchestration for Film and TV among other degrees (Arranging in Contemporary Styles, Songwriting for Film and TV, etc.)

Playlists who support Electronic Music Creators:

Arctic Drones

Arctic Drones (@arcticdrones) Dark Ambient & Drone Playlist:

“Full list of genres & moods we cover is on arcticdrones Spotify. Looking for high-quality recording / production. Preference for textural variation.

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