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We are all pretty upset about the Virus that stole Christmas but perhaps there’s a positive lesson that can be learned here.

Stay Positive, there is a bright side..

Life is all about change, if we embrace it keep a positive attitude, you’ll have less stress and perhaps even have time to appreciate your friendships more.

I’ve discovered that I’m taking more time out each day to connect with my friends. I check in on them through text and facebook calls. It’s actually made me feel more connected to my favorite people.

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The magic of Christmas isn’t in the parties or gatherings we go to, it’s in the energy we give it. It’s just a moment in time that inspires us to appreciate what we have and who we love. …

Discover new indie artists with cool music you need to hear

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Get ready to be inspired by the music I’ve found for you. If you love any of these, each artist has social media links and more details on a page linked for you below.


The song became an anthem for freedom. Calling for us to reflect on what matters and important to us, to use our voice, and actively create the life we want.

I’m most excited about the release of this album Restless Soul which is out early next year. We just released a new music video:

Discover more from this artist <here>

Too Cold to Hold by Bass Drum of Death

Hailing from Oxford Mississippi, the lo-fii duo Bass Drum of Death offers bluesy garage rock that is both innovative and retro. …

Get inspired through art & music in a complex world

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All my hours of quiet meditation are documented right here in the art.

Thomas Merton once wrote,

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time’..

I’ve been an artist my entire life. I come from a family of artists going as far back as my great grandparents. Sometimes I feel like generations of artists have had a hand in the art I create.

Perhaps that’s the norm considering that all art is a mix of influences coming together in an expressive shape.

But how art is expressed is up to the artist.

I tend to enjoy listening to music while I paint. It’s a relaxing yet invigorating experience that enables me to recharge my batteries.

An artist doesn’t intentionally distance themselves from people they love, they just exist in another dimension of the same world while they create. Perhaps those who complain just don’t try to understand that dimension and can’t find the door. …

What are you most thankful for?

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Aside from my Almost time for Christmas Playlist, I hope your counting your blessings however small they may be this year for the holidays.

Take a look around you and say thank you for getting past the roughest year.
I will never forget 2020 but I am sure looking forward to 2021.
Bring it on.

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My Wish To you!!

“May all the spirit of Christmas conspire to lift your soul and bring you comfort. Know that you are never alone with all of us here saying a prayer under the same bright star.” — Jacqueline Jax

Follow the playlist: <Here>

Highlights of my playlist:

Something you didn’t know about the Beach Boys:

Few bands can define and era or a sound; the Beach Boys have done both. The period from 1962 to 1964 was chocked full of songs about cars, girls and surfing. While there were many groups that cranked out a surfing song or two, it was the Beach Boys that started the craze and provided the template for others to emulate. There are few bands whose music has endured as long as the tunes from Southern California’s favorites sons. Songs by the Beach Boys are played regularly on the radio, at sporting events, and in television and movies. …

Creatives are calling for us to reflect on what matters and is important to us

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Creators all over the globe have been calling out for justice and change during these times of struggle.

They are willing to fight for it by risking infection from Covid 19 in order to peacefully protest and educate the public globally.

There have been so many movements defining 2020.

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Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a decentralized political and social movement advocating for non-violent civil disobedience in protest against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people.

Strategy for growing your instagram fast

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I saw this question online and was wondering if it was really possible?

The short answer is no.. ` IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to get 100K followers in 1 hour unless you buy followers which you should never do.

Fake followers don’t engage with your posts which prevents growth and basically shuts down the organic function of your account entirely.

Plus currently instagram is seeking out fake followings and deleting them which will get your account banned and bring you back to square one with lots of money wasted.

Instagram has deleted millions of accounts in an effort to get rid of bots, spam or inactive accounts. This recent assault on fake accounts follows a series of attempts to keep the app free of bots and automated activity. …

An influencer shares her winning formula for fast instagram growth

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Photo by Sam 🐷 on Unsplash

I’ve worked with many influencers in music, business, fashion and radio for over a decade so I’m used to working around social media hurdles.

Here are my current go to steps for encouraging daily growth on Instagram.

1: Outreach

Outreach is important because the organic reach on posts is really low. Especially right now while the Hashtags are turned off.

It’s really important to have a strategy that leads with outreach but honestly, its always been the corner stone to any successful influencer. Even people with larger followings have days dedicated to outreach.

If your just getting started set aside 20 minutes at least every day just to seek out new people on the platform and connet. …

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow

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Photo by Vicky Sim on Unsplash

Strength comes from struggle.

When you’re experiencing hard times, it’s hard to realize that sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our life to add balance and knowledge to your journey.

If you never experienced hard times, you would not appreciate the blessings in life.

These new songs are encouraging you to rise above your struggles and look at life through different eyes.

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Track List:

Jules Schroeder Judgement Day

The song became an anthem for freedom. Calling for us to reflect on what matters and important to us, to use our voice, and actively create the life we want. …

Jax Daily report on changes coming to Youtube, Tik Tok and Instagram

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Photo by Rachit Tank on Unsplash

Listen to the segment on Youtube:

YouTube Will Start Inserting Ads into Non-Monetized Content, Updates Rules Around Facial Recognition

This week, YouTube has announced an update to its Terms of Service which, most notably, includes a new provision that will enable YouTube to insert ads into content that’s not part of the YouTube Partner Program.

posted by user Dan Santoro (and shared by Matt Navarra)
posted by user Dan Santoro (and shared by Matt Navarra)

An expansion of its #LearnOnTikTok program, which it first announced back in May, TikTok’s now testing a new, dedicated ‘Learn’ stream of videos within the app. The new ‘Learn’ feed would be an alternative to the current ‘Following’ and ‘For You’ streams, giving TikTok users access to a dedicated, vertical-scrolling flow of the platform’s educational video clips.

Additional popular related tiktok tags would be: #learnfromme #visuallearner #letscook #howto #tiktokrecipe #hairtutorials #tipsandtricks #tips…

The Pros and cons of putting your music on Soundcloud vs Spotify

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Photo by Rachit Tank on Unsplash

SoundCloud Introduces Verified Profiles — Here’s How to Get Your Account Verified

See you at 3 pm et.. today.
I’ve got some attraction marketing ideas for you,
Find out how to get verified on Soundcloud and find 1000+ new music fans this month.

In a time when fake plays, fake accounts and fake hype are plaguing the music business, Soundcloud makes an attempt to weed out fake accounts by introducing verified profiles.

This move hopes to to help “well-known artists stand out” on the platform.

Previously, the Pro badge, which comes with SoundCloud’s $12-per-month “Pro Unlimited” package was “often…misused or misinterpreted as verification,” the company shared.

Now, the platform features the distinctive “Pro Unlimited” orange star beneath the location portion of creators’ profiles, while situating the blue verified checkmark above that, next to creators’ names. …


Jacqueline Jax

Radio Host @AVALIVERADIO ❤️ Journalist ❤️ I write for people who expect more from life and strive to improve their mindset. You’ll find inspiration here.

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