Why labels and music groups are building content creations studios

Is this the future of the music industry?

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Now Universal Music Group (UMG) has entered the content-creation space with the launch of London- and Los Angeles-based Mercury Studios.

Universal Music Group officially announced the birth of Mercury Studios just recently, in a formal release that was shared with Digital Music News.

“Mercury will be about bold ideas, exciting new talent but above all compelling visual storytelling, all of which will be demonstrated with the exciting projects we will be announcing over the coming weeks. Music is a world full of the most extraordinary stories, with so many yet to be told.”

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What does this signal to the music industry?

It signals that music consumption has changed and the majors are finally catching up. It sure took them along time to figure it out and commit to a direction.

To help with the music marketing side of the struggle…

the AVA Live Radio Press team (and myself- Jacqueline Jax) has been busy working behind the scenes with indie artists, labels and management teams to build out a better content strategy for 2021.

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Other ways that music has evolved in 2020.

from Rolling Stone Magazine

Computer concert

Covid-19 turned livestreaming, once an idea that was widely balked at and discarded as a cheap thrill, into the fastest-growing ecosystem in music. With shows canceled and with nowhere else to go to engage with fans, artists from well-established superstars to amateur talent flocked to livestreaming in droves. It started with casual iPhone sessions aired from their couches. But over the past several months, those have evolved into increasingly elaborate, costly blockbusters. Dua Lipa’s well-received livestream over Thanksgiving weekend, which featured guests including Elton John and Miley Cyrus, cost about $1.5 million to put together. Kiss’s extravagant New Year’s Eve show, streaming live from Dubai, will run nearly into the eight figures.

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