Why facebook is cloning clubhouse new audio trend of 2021

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Today on the Jax Daily morning coffee podcast with Jacqueline Jax learn why facebook is cloning clubhouse new audio trend of 2021

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After cloning tiktok, facebook moves on to copy clubhouse.

Facebook has certainly become the app voted most likely to clone another popular app in 2021. After recently cloning TikTok in 2020 with Instagram Reels, Facebook is now moving to clone the hot new app Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is an audio only app (invite only) where users can share live conversations immediately deleted after they end. Zuckerberg joined the platform recently for a chat on the future of augmented reality and of course, wasted no time figuring a way to develop the technology in Facebook.

Zuckerbergs move towards live podcasting is actually coming a bit later than usual as it’s also reported that earlier this year, Twitter made a move to develop the technology by acquiring Breaker. Breaker is a social podcasting company with audio expertise in the space. Another major player in this game looks to be Mark Cuban, working on a social audio app called Fireside. (Coined the next-gen live podcast platform).

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Let’s look at what industry leaders are predicting.

  • Expect a more significant number of shows to ditch the over-reliance on ads and instead focus on things built for their listeners to go more in-depth on brand: membership groups, courses, and other online education paid subscriptions (e.g. newsletters, exclusive episodes), merchandise, and more.
  • The repurposing of podcasts into courses and crowd-funded replay archives that organize all the best information into valuable assets.
  • You’ll see popular shows creating bonus content for paid members only.
  • I think you’ll see more people looking for live podcast conversations like we see in clubhouse but with a replay component available to subscribers.
  • More short-form podcasting content will fill in the gaps during the day instead of regularly scheduled programming.

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