Trust in the Music Business

Trust is something that should be earned and not given easily

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“Trust in the Music Business is something that should be earned and not given easily. “That statement was coming from a music producer who has seen his share of trouble.

I found common ground on this topic during an interview with Music producer Ghost u like it i love it spoke for the AVA Live Radio Behind The Music Series.

Our chat touched a cord that made me start taking a mental note of how I personally had to learn to establish boundaries to help me maintain friendly and professional relationships in the music business.

That’s no easy task. If someone has ever challenged you after trying to establish boundaries, then you’ll enjoy this short episode.

Recycle your circle

I can count my trusted people on the one hand, but at the same time, that is a blessing to have so many people in my corner. Sometimes you need to recycle your circle until you feel trust in those around you. People change, and there are also those who you can’t precisely read immediately.

“Trust is something that should be earned and not given. surround yourself with people that push you to do better and greater things. “

There’s already enough drama in this world without having jealous people in your circle. My past is still something I haven’t shared with the world, but I will one day go one-on-one with someone I trust.

My songs are all true stories. This Legacy 13 album originally wasn’t going to include a song like this, but when I heard big jeezy and LakeitRashad I couldn’t stop myself from coming in and making this hit track. This new Album I’m releasing is an excellent representation of me. I have put out fantastic music to touch the world for all these years, but this legacy 13 track is about me and me doing it all the way I want to.

Written by Jacqueline Jax


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