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The song became an anthem for freedom. Calling for us to reflect on what matters and important to us, to use our voice, and actively create the life we want.

I’m most excited about the release of this album Restless Soul which is out early next year. We just released a new music video:

Too Cold to Hold by Bass Drum of Death

Hailing from Oxford Mississippi, the lo-fii duo Bass Drum of Death offers bluesy garage rock that is both innovative and retro. Even if you thought those 2 things couldn’t be possible, you’ll discover gems on their catalogue.

Larkins’ “Are We Having Any Fun Yet?” tells the story of a world darkened

an anthemic crush of perfect indie-rock, but lyrically, it tells the story of a world darkened by current events and of lovers darkened by their own squabbles. In the midst of it all, Larkins begs the question of perspective by flicking a lighter open and letting a tiny flame guide us through the night.

The Angel You Don’t Know crackles with innovation, a pacesetter at a time when industry bigwigs are waking up to the long-held truth that Africa is setting the global tempo for pop music.

Amaaraes music is infused with the Afro-fusion influences of Nigeria’s free-spirited energy. It’s addicting, engaging and borders on easy listing sensibilities while still keeping your interest.

See You Tomorrow by The Song Tailors Featuring Dylan Kline carries a message of hope in difficult times

The new single is a true story about being far away from the people we love and how we long for the day we can be with each other again.

Here’s what I’m listening to today.. <spotify playlist>

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