How do you make Social Media a Career?

Here’s what you need to do to become a high paid social media influencer.

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If you wanted to accomplish big things in life, you just knew you had to get that education.

Fast forward to 2020 and I’m writing about 16 year old females making $ 1 million dollars on social media with 15 second lip sinking videos.

Perhaps it’s a distant path from the old business model of get an education, work hard and stay focused or perhaps it’s not.

It might look easy but if you think of the huge numbers of kids trying to gain followers across all the social media apps, and only a very select 1% make it, you realize that it does require those traditional values just not in exactly the same way.

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  • Educate yourself on the app world and research how other people obtained their numbers through content creations.
  • Have a strategy: learn how to make content that works both for you and the app.
  • Invest time with no guaranteed payment.
  • Be consistent until you get your moment with no real guaranteed time frame
  • Learn to live with frustration and disappointment if it doesn’t happen as expected.
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Written by Jacqueline Jax

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