The Best Indie Artists building a Legacy through Songwriting

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Singer Songwriters who are creating their own path and brand of music today.

It’s no secret that the internet has changed everything, especially the music industry. In fact, it’s safe to say that it has created a whole new generation of independent artists who are building a legacy through songwriting.

Many of these artists are using the internet to share their music with the world and it is paying off. They don’t have to rely on major labels to make an impact, they just have to find their audience online.

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The best Indie songwriters building a legacy with their music, is now available on Spotify:

Today, we’re taking a look at some of the best Indie artists who are building a legacy though songwriting. These are people who have managed to make it in an industry that is dominated by big record labels and mainstream artists. They have found success by creating their own path and brand of music. They have built a loyal following that understands the importance of quality songwriting. What we find most inspiring about these artists is their ability to create art that is authentic and represents who they are as individuals.

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Get ready to discover Indie Artists Who Are Building a Legacy though Songwriting .

Among the many artists that I have highlighted, I have chosen a handful of songwriters who have made an impact on their own terms. They are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in and find ways to express their unique viewpoints through songwriting. They are free of hard music trends and writing music that is classic with longevity.

The inspiring singer songwriters playlist on spotify brings you a long list of 100 Best songwriters who are building a legacy songbook catalogue of brilliant music you’ll really love listening to.

This list highlights the Best Indie Artists building a Legacy through Songwriting

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  • Been A Long Year by Alex Nicol
  • Feelings by Chris Caulfield
  • Friend of Mine by Carnival Kid, Sun Smash Palace
  • Another Lonely Heart by Cory M. Coons
  • Cabela and Schmitt — Music of Life
  • Are you Ready to Move on? by Vassilis
  • Southbound by Gavin Marengi
  • The Love We Have Today by Eric Jeffrey Hales

Been A Long Year by Alex Nicol

The Montreal-based songwriter has announced an EP of the same name arriving June 30. Though born from a time of staggering loss and mourning, this lush, twilight-hued folk rock is warm and curious rather than gloomy, pulsing with a gentle melancholy that recalls the fragile sweetness of Nick Drake, Sea Change-era Beck, or contemporaries like Andy Shauf. Nicol’s haunting voice glides over expansive landscapes and Angel Deradoorian’s guest vocals on lead single “Been A Long Year” melt into the song’s minimal elegance. It’s a very well written song.

Feelings by Chris Caulfield

Feelings, is the first release off my upcoming album, Catharsis and has been well received by listeners and critics. Itand was recently amplified by a Youtube collaboration with an LA-based studio, and a remix by a Grammy-nominated EDM producer (StoneBridge) — which together have pushed the single to be heard more than a million times cross-platform, largely over the last 6 weeks!

Friend of Mine by Carnival Kid, Sun Smash Palace

Long time friends Carnival Kid from Erfurt, Germany and Sun Smash Palace, from Luxemburg just dropped a new single that’s sure to put a smile on your face. “Friend of Mine” is the ultimate feel-good song, perfect for those sunny spring and early summer days. With its 80s vibes and easygoing feel, “Friend of Mine” is like a musical hug that’ll make you want to dance your heart out. The warm voice of Carnival Kid adds to the chill vibe of the song, creating a perfect balance between him and Sun Smash’s dynamic sound. “Friend of Mine” is about that one person who gives you support and positive energy when you feel lost and alone. It’s a beautiful message delivered with infectious guitar riffs and catchy hooks that will have you humming along all day. The single was produced by Tom Gatti at Unison Studios in Differdange.

Another Lonely Heart by Cory M. Coons

On April 28, 2023, Canadian singer-songwriter Cory M. Coons released his latest single “Another Lonely Heart.” The new single is part of his retrospective album “Across The Great Divide,” which showcases the best of Coons’ roots rock-style music from the past decade. “Another Lonely Heart” is a powerful and moving song that speaks to the division of people, based upon their beliefs and dogmatic practices.

Cabela and Schmitt — Music of Life

Music Genre: Rock
Vibe: Energetic, nostalgic
Located in: Sidney, NE and Fountain, Colorado
Sounds like: Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Beach Boys

Music of Life’s verses, bridge, and chorus were all separate ideas that I was playing with. After much lyrical help from Wayne and Rich, the chorus and the whole idea of not wanting to lose the feeling of a memorable song came together. Next, the verses came together using examples of memorable tidbits from life. We don’t want to lose the great memories! After much rearranging and adjusting lengths of sections, including a short instrumental section, they ended up working and flowing together. The song has turned out to be a comparison of life’s rich and memorable experiences and the great feeling of a memorable song.

Are you Ready to Move on? by Vassilis

The latest chapter in his musical journey exploring the mysteries, intricacies and wonders of everyday life in the shape of an upbeat, ethereal song that puts the melody to the forefront.

The song is once again self-produced with the arrangement including guitars, vocals and sampled instruments, such as cello and piano. Thematically, it’s a song about transition and the unpredictability of life, inspired by a series of events, including a birth and a death, and the realisation that with every end comes a new beginning. Everyone’s path is defined by their decisions — no matter how big or small — and once we’re ready to move on, we know we leave a piece of our old self behind.

Southbound by Gavin Marengi

Gavin Marengi, a singer-songwriter from Salisbury, Massachusetts, is proud of and devoted to his community. His background in a small town and the experiences he had growing up are often reflected in the writing of his songs. This song was a reflection on what he thinks and how he portrays his music journey if he left his small town of Salisbury. With a touch of heartfelt weeping slide guitars and a fast paced, catchy melody it shows the young 15 year old boy’s passion and ability to do what he loves, write songs. The guitar work in this single is brilliant and pairs so well with his vocal.

The Love We Have Today by Eric Jeffrey Hales

A beautiful acoustic folk track that doesn’t need alot of bells and whisles to express a gentle sentiment. This song is a reminder of how wonderful life is and it’s songwriters like this that we need in our lives to provide us with the lyrics and music for the journey.

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