The advantages of hiring a music promotion team to do the jobs you can’t do yourself

Here’s how to know when it’s time to bring on an expert

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It’s the product that opens the door, but the impression you make that makes you memorable.

If you have a great product, and you are ready for that next step, I think it’s time you started hiring a solid marketing team to work on making you memorable.

The current Indie Music Industry Landscape

With 40k songs being launched daily online and over 35 million songs on Spotify alone competing against yours for streams and fans, you must understand how a music marketing team can help you stand out.

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Working smart:

Just as hiring the right music producer is essential to your sound, a smart musician understands the benefit of having a credible and effective marketing team behind them.

Contacts and connections:

The AVA Live Radio music marketing team has built close relationships with music curators, radio djs, managers, sync licensing agencies, music bloggers, and other established industry members over 13 years of promoting music. Working with a good team puts you ahead of the pack by association.

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Press releases:

It’s all who you know. Having a press release is important but getting that into the right people’s hands really makes a difference. Once we create your press release, we deliver it to our network of music industry professionals so they can listen to you and make a decision.

Having an ally with a closer connection and credibility is the only way to be taken seriously.

It’s like having a friend who knows a lot of people personally chatting to them about your music. That’s a big advantage.

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Music Awareness campaigns:

Today’s music landscape is filled with music. It’s a dizzy mess of new tracks being launched at a record pace. Instead of just tossing your music out randomly and hoping it sticks, you should be focused on Music Awareness campaigns.

Those are the benefits of working with a team of professionals like the AVA Live Radio Press team. Which through very hard work happens to have a radio station and podcast ranked Globally in the top 10%.

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