Sweetest Thing by Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion is pushing past typical stereotypes

Sweetest Pie inspires women to embrace their female power and step up their game with confidence

Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion have unleashed the dragon and seem to be looking to lead women into a decade of equality and confidence with their new video ‘Sweetest Pie”.

I love seeing women take pride in their bodies and not bow down to the typical stereotypes. No woman should be placed in a box and left there. Women are filled with blossoming, sexual energy that should never been suppressed.

The video takes place in a magical forest complete with waterfall and filled with trees in the shape of female bodies. It’s eye candy for sure aside from the fact that is looks like a fantasy video game.

We are invited into a spiders layer with walls of rose gold missile heads and female butts encirculing our two powerful queens. Dressed to the nines, these ladies look gorgeous. Even undressed these chicas are powerful and ultra feminine while harnessing that remarkable and explosive passion for life.

Men seem to be blinded by the queens and overwhelmed by their sexuality allowing themselves to be imprisoned and captured.

In the final scene, just when the boys think they have the Queens where they want them, Megan Thee Stallion unleashes the female dragon once again and burns down the house.. literally.

Men turn to ash as the Queens settle down looking satisfied after a healthy meal.

This video is all of that and so much more..


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Watch the original Video:


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