Steps you should be doing each day to grow your following on Instagram

An influencer shares her winning formula for fast instagram growth

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Here are my current go to steps for encouraging daily growth on Instagram.

Outreach is important because the organic reach on posts is naturally low. Reaching out to other people on Instagram should be the cornerstone of your strategy. Even people with larger followings have hours dedicated to leaving comments on other posts and supporting their followers.

Setting aside 20 minutes every day to seek new people on the platform and connect with them is essential to your growth.

2. Connection

No one likes to feel forced to connect so instead of always asking for something, talk to people. Leave long form comments and questions on their posts. Find people who interest you and be genuine with them. Your initial interactions with a new person should never be as a brand pitching your stuff. Instead, go back to older posts, re-engage those comments, and then visit their pages to comment on what’s new.

3. Be relevant, genuine and offer value

Your post content should be relevant, genuine, and offer value. This comes in several forms. Humor, storytelling, questions, commentary or riddles.

If it’s a picture, ask a question, describe it, or ask people to describe it. If you have a music post, tell people what the lyrics are about and how the song reflects your life.

If your sharing video, set the scene with a story or point out something for people to look for.

4. Follows

Don’t follow and then unfollow. Follow people if you like their content. If you don’t like it down the road or they are inactive, you can unfollow, but don’t play that follow/ unfollow game. You can also look at the comments to discover new active people that share a common interest.

5. Respect people’s time.

If you are tempted to ask people to do something for you, don’t do it. The only time you should be asking for something is when that person has started a conversation with you, and your request matches their interest.

This is a great way to involve people in giveaways or build your email list. Wait for someone to connect with your first, then drop your ask.

Ensure what you are asking is relevant, gives something in exchange for their time, and offers extreme value.

Remember, there is a difference between what your ego thinks people find valuable and what each person actually values. Successful influences know their audience really well. They know what they want, and that’s what they deliver consistently. You’ve got to figure that out before you start demanding and asking for things from your people. If you know what inspires your following, you’ll strengthen your relationships with every post.

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