October’s newest indie music singles of the week

Electronic Trends, pop rock, hiphop, R&B and songwriter selections waiting to be discovered

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Music Featured Today:

North Carolinian indie pop group Future Islands claim their second Top 50 album

At the top of the chart, Pop Smoke returns to Number 1

Dorian Electra has just released (October 16 ) a high-concept album filled with hyper-stylished beats, vocal textures and heavy-metal twists.

One True God ‘I See You”

San Diego Songwriter Jessamine Barham Is talking directly to us with her newest single Marching On.

Pretending by Orla Gartland @orlagartland

Lie to me by Tate McRae, Ali Gatie

Before by James Blake @jamesblake

Glock Free by Illustrant, S!RiUS BLACK, Myles Tha Master, MILLI

MdMelo — All the Way

All music is now added to my playlist:


Other news:

What Concerts Look Like With 2020 COVID-19 Restrictions : the music industry is adjusting to survive a pandemic

10 New Indie Songs I’ve Just Discovered

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