Music can change how you perceive the world around you

A look at how music can increase your self-esteem and reduced negative emotions

Jacqueline Jax
5 min readMay 16, 2022


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We’ve all heard the expression, music can “change the mood”. But how? What does that actually mean? How can something as simple as noise have such an effect on our emotions?

The answer lies in the fact that everyone’s perception of music is unique.

We all listen to different types of music, from Mozart symphonies to Harry Styles pop songs, and these different kinds of sound waves interact with our brains in different ways depending on what kind of person we are.

The same piece of music can have an entirely different effect on two different people — a slow ballad may make one person feel relaxed and sleepy while another might feel agitated by it. So it’s not just about what sounds are produced, but also about how those sounds affect us mentally and physically, that determines its emotional power over us!

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Today I’m going to talk about how music can change how you perceive the world around you.

Photo provided by Greg Hoy

Research has shown that music can affect our emotions in a number of ways, but one of the most interesting is through its structure and composition. In particular, it’s been found that certain notes and chords can evoke specific emotions.

Take a look at this single from Greg Hoy & The Boys, ‘ Jet Black, Get Back!’. His rocking guitar and catchy melody puts a pep in your step and fills the room with energy by exciting the brain.



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