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7 min readJul 2, 2022


There’s alot to unpack in todays Jax Daily. Summer is always exciting because it’s filled with new releases and some cool social app updates as well. Here’s a run down of what’s happening from Indie music, mainstream and social news.

Left and Right Charlie Puth Jung Kook BTS Reaction!


Left and Right Charlie Puth Jung Kook BTS Reaction with Jacqueline Jax. This is clearly a hit pop song. It has everything you need from a summer hit. It’s fun and light with uplifting tempos and catchy lyrics. There’s isn’t a fan of either one of these artists who won’t adore what they have created and delivered. Charlie Puth has delivered amazing vocals with catchy rhythms and energy. Jung Kook from BTS has brought a silky smooth vocal that compliments Puth with charming elements that melt together to give us something we can listen to on repeat. <billboard>

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What’s new in HipHop? NBA YoungBoy Lil Nas X Late To Da Party Music Review

NBA YoungBoy Lil Nas X Late To Da Party Reaction video with Jacqueline Jax. The video is created with a sense of humour which I think is really important especially during these times. The topic draws on a previous grievance with BET awards and Lil Nas X but plays as a way to add some much needed comedy to the tension. Queen Latifah also recently stuck up for Lil Nas X, who believes his sexuality could be part of the reason why he has purportedly been black-balled by BET, and explained why she thought he deserved a nomination while speaking to TMZ outside of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! “Lil Nas X is amazing,” she graciously replied. “He should’ve been nominated. I don’t know if that’s the case. I don’t know what’s behind all that, but inclusion is always the key. That’s what we should be striving for. There’s enough room in this world for everybody.” on Friday (June 24), the “Industry Baby” rapper joined forces with NBA YoungBoy in the official music video for his “Late To Da Party (F*CK BET)” single, which he first teased a snippet of on his personal social media earlier this month. The Gibson Hazard-directed music video further plays on Lil Nas X’s rift with BET in the intro of the visual, which recreates the cover art for the single featuring a BET Award trophy at the bottom of a toilet bowl being urinated upon.

Social News:

Social media is hard to keep up with but these stories are interesting because Twitter is long in need of something fresh and I’ve always wondered how influencers were making money on TikTok..

Twitter Officially Announces ‘Notes’ Test in the US, UK & Canada

Maybe this will be the feature that sweetens the deal for Musk to buy twitter.

Twitter unveils a built-in Notes feature on the way, currently available to select users in the US, UK, Canada, and Ghana. Notes appear as long-form posts enabling a mixture of tweets, videos, and images. Leaks about the feature have circulator for months and Twitter users seem very excited about the ability to post longer notes without users having to leave the platform. Twitter has needed a more robust longform writing tool and this application could drastically alter the way continent is delivered on the platform. Up till now longform content was delivered in multiple threads or screenshots of notes written on other applications. This feature allows you to read longer form content on the app natively.

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Artist With 2.5 Billion TikTok Views Says He Hasn’t Been Paid a Dime

Canadian singer and actor Tyler Shaw has racked up billions of views on TikTok. He hasn’t received any money from the platform. In a panel discussion focused on TikTok at Canadian Music Week in Toronto on Friday, Shaw complained to listeners about not making a dime from TikTok after his post got 2.5 billion views. A spokes person for TikTok Canada quickly chimed in explaining that TikTok pays the rights holders of all content being seen on the platform and Shaw’s reinterpretation of artist Gayles smash hit ‘ABCDEFU’ went viral generating payment to the label and publisher of the original song.

The Story Continues Here.

What’s New in Indie Music this week..

Cabela and Schmitt Shares new Song ‘Coming Back’ about forever relationships

Life offers many twists and turns along the journey and with that you learn that you can never say never. This week Cabela and Schmitt released their latest single “Coming Back”, an alternative rock song about an unlikely but inevitable reunion! Mixed and mastered by Robert Venable, Sound Kitchen Studios, Nashville, TN, through SoundBetter.

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Curious by Ghost is riding high quickly approaching 15K streams on Spotify

New Summer Single ‘Curious’ By Ghost U Like It I Love It Is A Moment Of Inspiration Music exists for moments and truth. Not only to make the crowd jump but make the heart fluctuate in life.

‘Curious’ is a love song that focuses on that initial impression you have when you are on a great first date. When you are really interested in someone, your mind becomes curious and hyper focused. It’s a moment of inspiration. Curiosity killed the cat but curiosity healed the heart with this one. This single is amazing and it’s in its own time.

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Nashville recording artist Annabelle “Polly” is on the rise with over 19K stress on spotify today.

Polly is a song a wrote about friendships, and how I see girls my age becoming friends for a short period and then dropping you for new friends.Nashville recording artist Annabelle Maher is country music singer/songwriter from Fargo, North Dakota.

Traveling from Fargo to Nashville, Annabelle has performed at several community and charity events, and has even performed for the President of the United States. She was also recently featured on the Today Show segment, Tomorrow’s Talent Today with Hoda and Jenna.

Working with legendary Nashville producer Kent Wells (Dolly Parton), Annabelle’s debut album is set to be released later this year. <get the story>

Anything for You by The Song Tailors featuring Dylan Kline Music just hit 82K streams on Spotify current at #8 on our Playlist today.

‘Anything for You’ is songwriter Ruth Picker’s latest release under The Song Tailors brand. She has worked again with singer Dylan Kline from San Diego in another of her global collaborations for which The Song Tailors has become known.

Vonrenzo’s NEW SINGLE ‘Tender To The Touch’ Has A Unique Sense Of Expression

From the Adirondack foothills in upstate New York to ROAR Studio in the mountains of Argentina, Vonrenzo’S NEW SINGLE ‘Tender To The Touch’ has an easy listening quality with spacious elements of soaring instrumentation grounded by a repetitious yet melodic back beat. The song begins with a gentle vocal laid beside an acoustic guitar with layers folding in as the song moves forward. The pace stays easy while it builds with anticipation as different instruments layer in like the ingredients of a cake finally exploding into a beautiful symphony of sound that breaths into a mystical summery soundscape. I like this artists very unique sense of expression. It’s a beautiful mess. <get the story>

‘Sins’ is the newest single from Art Rock dup Vox Somnia

The song explores the generational trauma of growing up in Soviet era Ukraine and lead vocalist Anna Navrota’s personal history, being born in Kyiv around the time of the Chernobyl disaster. These memories coupled with the unfortunate yet timely occurrences surrounding the present climate in the area prompted introspection and reflection that resulted in the pair’s most recent release.

The duo released their debut record “The Broken Light EP” to an overwhelmingly positive response in 2018. In that time, they have had their work broadcast on CBC Radio, a nationally syndicated true crime podcast, and their live show made them regular name on the Toronto festival circuit, even making it to the semi-finals of Indie Week at The Mod Club in 2019. After a short creative hiatus, they are now working on their second record, starting with the release of their new single, Sins. <Get the Story>

Alan Garmonsway New Release ‘Summer Days’ lands just ahead of his new album

Some musical influences lie dormant for years and then burst out onto the daylight! When I wrote the basics of ‘Summer Days’, I went into the studio, summers of the late 60’s unfolded — all these latent influences of songs from my early teens listening to Pirate Radio and the like. The song just seemed to tell me what it wanted, so I followed the vibe with the sound and arrangements. <get the story>

Dreaming with me’ by Eileen Carey just hit 29k streams on Spotify!!!!

Now in the top 10 of our New Music Release Radar Spotify Playlist.. <Get the Story>

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