Jax Daily: SoundCloud Introduces Verified Profiles

The Pros and cons of putting your music on Soundcloud vs Spotify

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I’ve got some attraction marketing ideas for you,
Find out how to get verified on Soundcloud and find 1000+ new music fans this month.

In a time when fake plays, fake accounts and fake hype are plaguing the music business, Soundcloud makes an attempt to weed out fake accounts by introducing verified profiles.

This move hopes to to help “well-known artists stand out” on the platform.

Now, the platform features the distinctive “Pro Unlimited” orange star beneath the location portion of creators’ profiles, while situating the blue verified checkmark above that, next to creators’ names. Pro Unlimited benefits won’t change, SoundCloud relays, and subscribers “will also be first in line” for verification.

SoundCloud emphasizes that it only verifies unique profiles, not fan accounts or impersonators.

Profiles must contain

  • a bio
  • profile picture
  • at least one uploaded track to receive the blue checkmark
  • *These elements cannot violate SoundCloud’s terms of service or “contain any misleading info.”
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To apply for a verified profile:

1. Log into SoundCloud.com on a desktop (not a mobile device) and navigate to the settings section.

2. From there, simply click the “request verification” option.

3. Check back periodically to see if your request has been granted.

  • It could take as long as 30 days for the SoundCloud team to process and decide upon the submission. If you are a pro member this process might be faster.

To date, SoundCloud boasts over 25 million creators and north of 75 million monthly active users (MAUs).

Earlier this year, satellite-radio giant SiriusXM invested $75 million in Berlin-headquartered SoundCloud, which just recently made it easier to share tracks via Snapchat and Facebook. Separately, the music-sharing platform rolled out a new DJ plan that provides unlimited offline access to its full catalog and, over the summer, launched a dedicated station on Dash Radio.

The platform has been shaky on the brink of bankruptcy hoping someone would buy it but instead ended up getting investments from possible suiters to stay afloat.

Now they exist by charging both the artist and the listeners.


  • Has more music than spotify especially in the indie artist, underground, dj and remix areas.
  • Indie artists have been known to rise from niches on their platform, like Billie Eilish, etc
  • Recommendations are free as compared to spotify where you have to either follow and artist or the artists now needs to pay for a recommendation.
  • You can see fans and messages them on soundcloud but not at all on spotify
  • You pay to put music on soundcloud over 1 hour: you pay a distributor to put music on spotify.
  • Both have terrible royalty rates.

Getting more fans on Soundcloud

Go from 0–1000 followers in 30 days…

  1. Target your audience with attraction marketing. By getting your music in front of the right audience, you will gain followers much more quickly. Work with a Press team to help you shape out a Pre-launch campaign and post launch Attraction marketing strategy. Learn more about Music Marketing here. That campaign involves story telling and access to an audience who’s willing to listen. Submit your music <here> to work with a press team to find the right audience and attract them to your music.
  2. If you already have an audience to start with, you need to start talking them about the new single in a genuine tone. This can be done through story telling on your posts, blogging, newsletters and video. Use the tools available to create content you’re most comfortable creating.
  3. Let your most dedicated followers on your social media platforms know that you have a song coming out on Soundcloud. Before your song launches, start a pre-save marketing campaign using a 30 second intro video, live streams, and posts that tell the story of your process in making the single. You could even release a video of your singing the chorus of the single live and then tell people how to get early access to the song: with an email list link.
  4. Login to Soundcloud on a computer and look at your soundcloud notifications for people who followed you. Go through and personally message them about your new release. (read #4 before you do this)
  5. Instead of just pitching your song to people in DM only, start a conversation with the people who have followed you. Examples: “I noticed you followed me here on this platform and I was wondering if you would like to listen to something new from me. I’m about to release a new single that tells the story of a man who’s struggling to overcome obstacles. The single comes out on … but my most involved music lovers are getting a special early preview. That email goes out tonight, if you’d like to get on my list. (…link)”
  6. Once you have created at least 1 post on instagram effectively talking about the new single, start commenting with your most active following, then use hashtags to introduce yourself to new people that fit your follower base by starting a conversation on their post. (Do not spam people about your music release.. this is just a first conversation where you comment about their post.)
  7. Start conversations with music curators, music bloggers, writers, producers, or people who share a common interest. Start with the topic of your song. (Inspirational song creators can meet new people on inspiring posts).


Mix up your marketing strategy by working with a press team to bring your single to a new audience, interacting with your current audience, organizing your mailing list so you can reach out to them from this point on, and meet new people both industry related and who may enjoy the overall theme of your music.

Report by Jacqueline Jax
Music Journalist, Publicist and Radio Host for AVA Live Radio



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