Jax Daily Music Business News Update June 4 2022

Spotifys New Resource for musicians, Viral Music releases on TikTok, and the future of record labels in 2022

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Spotify for Artists adds In Focus interactive guide to marketing, career development

Is this a free resource or another sales hype? [Hypebot] FULL STORY

Spotify for Artists has reorganized and revamped its extensive self-help offering as In Focus, a new free self-guided interactive site designed to help artists and their teams achieve career goals.

The only issue is it lacks in free resources and the paid resources are pricey. Is this the way to go or should you re-focus your marketing budget on a less passive marketing strategy.

A musicians guide to planning a DIY music release and making a song go viral.

Streaming has changed all the rules of the music business and record labels are looking to sit back and benefit from TikToks viral moments but are they digging their own grave?

Signing a deal with a record label used to be a prestigious achievement but now is quickly becoming a wasted investment and hindrance for a musician in 2022.

How to get on more Spotify Playlists

Getting the attention of music playlist curators and radio. Promoting your own music with Publicist Radio Host Jacqueline Jax and Jade Nichelle for the Visionary Music Festival.

When you’re looking to do well with music curators, you can really give yourself an advantage over other music submissions by doing these things.

What's next on Social?

Halsey Wins viral moment TikTok battle with Record label

Halsey has won a battle with their music label after being told to fake a viral moment if they wanted to release new music.

Halsey’s label, Capitol Records, faced backlash after the singer posted a TikTok video on 22 May claiming it would not release her new music until she “faked” a viral moment on the app.

Pinkfloyd Makes TikTok Debut Amid Pursuit of Reportedly $500 Million Catalog Sale

The rumours are true. The music industry is currently measuring TikTok success even in catalogue sales.

Two weeks back, reports suggested that Pink Floyd could be seeking a staggering $500 million for its catalog.

Now, the 57-year-old group has officially arrive on TikTok, which has helped other legacy acts reach younger fans before selling their own song rights.

This new priority seems to come after Fleetwood Mac went viral on TikTok with a song from the 60s placing them at the top of the music charts. They were then able to turn that success into a hefty catalogue sale.

But how long will this last?

Podcast Epsiode:

Youtube is beating Spotify at Podcasting

It’s just been announced that new podcast listeners are preferring to watch their podcast on YouTube as opposed to tuning in on Spotify despite the fact that Spotify spent billions of dollars in content and technology to be the leader in podcasting. Jacqueline JAX start a conversation about where you listen to podcasts.How To Preserve Your creative Legacy

What’s new in Music


How do we know that we will be remembered after we are gone? When you are living your life and enjoying the act of creating, do you ever stop to think about what happens to your work after your gone? What will people remember about you? Did you make a difference in anyones life? Will anyone care or notice that you are gone?

This years Spring Albums have alot to say

~ Unpacking this past 3 years of struggle in a stack of new albums .
Spring is in the air, and every year brings with it a wave of new music across all music genres. The weather gets better, your body starts feeling less like a popsicle, and everything feels new and shiny for the first (or hundredth) time. And that never fails to inspire.

7 New Music Releases Breathing new Life into Indie Pop Music

The Indie Pop music genre has become an exciting place for experimentation and evolution over the past few years, thanks to artists pushing themselves to create something unique.

Indie Music Spotify Playlists Worth Following-

a full list of indie music playlists updating regularly to highlight the best in indie music today.



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