Jax Daily Music and Social Updates for June 2022

Jacqueline Jax
5 min readJun 18, 2022

Catch up with the latest with a brief look at social updates, music news and new summer singles

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This spotify music podcast episode features a lot of some new pop music, indie rock and songwriter selections. Update your summer spotify playlist with some new music arrivals.

New editions to our New Music Release Radar Spotify Music playlist

These artists were just added:

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- Robyn Harris — Famous

- Cindë — Too Much too soon

- Ghost u like it i love it — Curious

-Cabela and Schmitt — Freedom Rising

-Fleurie-Only! Wanna! Live! Forever!

-Cabela and Schmitt -Eyes Wide Open

-Amanda Sandin — Good Night

-Rudie Edwards — Forgetting

-Black & White TV — Traveler


Artist Highlights:

Robyn Harris — Famous

FAMOUS is an anthem for pandemic losers (ie people like me lol) who feel like their dreams are dying and aren’t even sure what the point of it is anymore. But beyond that, it is about surrendering all of the expectations for your life to live freer and fuller.

Robyn Harris is an up and coming Indie-Pop artist based in Nashville, TN. Adding her own unique style, Harris brings a whole new perspective to the genre.

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