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The turn of a new year always feels like a fresh start to me. I get a new schedule book, start a fresh page and write down everything that I’m feeling and thinking. This process isn’t forced, it has to be instinctual. Of course, it’s going to be influenced by what I’ve achieved or not achieved in the past but the entire process if focused on creating a recipe for a happy and fulfilled future.

I’m a serial Entrepreneur and I’m willing to admit that it’s just as much a vice as a quality of character. This means that I’ve driven to make business moves based on inspiration and passion for the project. It’s become a fun game that I play with myself.

This continual quest to challenge that next level and then the next does tend to set the landscape for stress and can be a major cause in daily energy crashes so I’ve learned to be careful and think through my ideas really well before I act.

There is a careful balance between thinking through your ideas and taking action so you have to be proactive with that balance. If not, you may let fear interfere with your start and your energy and bravery will start to fall.

Here’s how I am making things happen for 2019.

Start a new notebook and write it all down. List your goals, ideas and dreams. Review them daily and don’t be afraid to make adjustments. As you try things on for size, some will change and others will be added, an important part of the process is to let it happen.

Look at mindset goals, physical goals and personal project goals. What’s going to make me happy is a balance of all of these so for instance. I have a goal to sing and write more songs but I also have a goal to open my own online store, build up a following for my new podcast ‘Impact” and strengthen my personal brand. I have daily fitness and health goals. I have recipes to to try and live streams to try them on. Then there is my day job- Entertainment branding and marketing specialist and radio host for A.V.A Live Radio. Which leads me to the next tip.

Set goals that are realistic and attainable so you don’t loose momentum. You are going to have some goals that you can start right away and some that you’ll do after you’ve completed another. The key to my achievements is that I know what I can do and I know what just isn’t possible at the time. Picking those based on time, energy and life’s constant flow is essential to success. Don’t beat yourself up if you have to put something on hold for now, but also don’t let go of a dream because you need more TV time. It’s up to you to make those daily choices.

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Make goals that are measurable so you can feel like you’ve reached a level of achievement midway though. It’s important to shape your goals into tasks that feel less intimidating. Break them down into part.

I want to do more with my Youtube channel this year. So I’ve made a list of possible video ideas and I keep adding to that list. When I get a break I do research on each idea and write down additional notes until I feel one idea is ready to bring to life. Each stage of development is a step that gets done and is measurable because the next step can’t happen without the first being completed.. All my goals become task lists at some point and they all develop in this same way. It’s all noted down in my notebook and then tasks get added to my calendar when I’m ready to take action. It’s a great system that allows me to wear many hats and have my fun side hustles in progress while still meeting my regular daily deadlines. ( Come subscribe to my channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/jacquelinejax )

If all of your goals require large financial investments or huge amounts of time, this will certainly become your excuse to not get started. If it’s a business, break down the amount needed into smaller parts so you can get them done without feeling the financial hurdle. It’s also important to do as much as you can yourself before hiring so you can make the mistakes and know the difference. Just be sure to only tackle the tasks you can do and that don’t require a major education in order to make it happen. You don’t need to become a master of all trades, you just don’t want to throw a ton of money into everything. Sometimes having too much money to start a business, can be your downfall because your paying to take unnecessary risks. Smart entrepreneurs learn everything they can about what they are paying for to know that they are not only getting the job done right but also paying a fair fee for it. Expensive is not always better.

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I’m all about those rewards. I reward myself constantly. In fact, it’s actually part of my earning goals. I make sure that a small percentage of everything I invest from time to money comes back to me in the form of a reward. That really keeps things interesting. Try it.. You’ll love it. Then live stream about it. lol.


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