Is Spotify’s new Discovery Mode another form of Pay to Play?

Artists share their thoughts about what’s fair.

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This seems to be replacing the Discovery and Fresh Finds modes that has delivered new music to listeners free of charge in the past.

Music curators like myself, were discovery music from the artists we follow and artists that were similar to what we listen to weekly with this system.

According to the reporting from their blog, if an artist opts out or a song doesn’t perform well, Spotify will remove it immediately from discovery and not give that track a chance to recover or be discovered.

This seems like an unfair practice that will only serve those musicians who already have hard core fans and a more commercial sound.

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Things you may not know about Spotify:

  • Spotify claims to drive 16 billion artist discoveries every month to its 320 million monthly users yet more than 80% of the music on Spotify continues to go unheard.
  • A recent blog post claimed that Spotify is “actively refining [its] algorithms to enable even more fan discoveries of new artists each month” yet this seems to only come through the Pay only Discovery Mode.
  • Spotify keeps boasting that they are a platform build to give artists a way to have a sustainable career, yet they pay less than any other platform, now they want more money for placement on their discover pages and there are no real tools that encourage music listeners to subscribe to an artist right when the music is playing on a playlist. So how is the artist supposed to build a relationship with the listeners they are now paying to reach?
  • IT’S GOING TO COST ARTISTS AND LABELS IN ROYALTIES in order to gain discovery that was supposed to be free based on fan loyalty and the quality of the music.
  • In the past Spotify promised to bring tools to artist that would help them make money and turn their music into a sustainable career, this seems to be moving in the opposite direction.
  • Now that musicians have helped Spotify build a huge platform with their music, Spotify seems to be turning yet another blind corner disappointing their base with another move that seems self serving.
  • Musicians believed that Spotify was building a platform to help them, but their idea of helping now is charging for discovery that used to be free. Where is the hope in that for a promising future?

It’s time for you to tell us how you feel about it.. Maybe we can influence change and come up with something better.

Leave your thoughts below….

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