Indie Rock Makes an Impact in 2023

The resurgence of indie rock brings more diverse voices and a blending of old and new sounds

Jacqueline Jax
5 min readMay 8, 2023
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Indie rock seems to be coming back around with bands release the hottest new music I’ve heard in years. What we can expect from this music and the trends in rock music of 2023 are definitely worth exploring.

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Emerging Indie Rock Bands

The indie rock scene is currently experiencing an influx of new music with unique sounds and styles. Bands like Shapeshifted are taking the industry by storm with rock n roll that holds nothing back.

‘Gimme rock’n’roll’ by Belgium indie band Shapeshifted is a high energy guitar fest of its own time. The band gives you a song that you can bite into. Filled with fast guitars and pumping energy, the band rocks on all cylinders. I can’t help but feel nostalgic as I listen to this music recalling classic like ‘The Who’s ‘My generation’ and wondering if perhaps Shapeshifted is influenced by the greatest bands of past. I hope so because this music is sensational and I’m hoping that the new album tips the scale pulling the next generation of listeners into real rock n roll. It’s time we open the rock box and unleash a sizzling summer mixing the old and the new.

Die Tired — Better Off Alive

Pennsylvania’s Die Tired returns with a powerful message about mental health and suicide awareness on their latest Single & Video “Better Off Alive”! Fight the bad thoughts in your mind and let the riffs and lyrics of “Better Off Alive” help you break away and open discussions about the serious topics of mental health and suicide prevention. “Better Off Alive is about raising awareness of these serious concerns in our society and highlighting the available resources in our communities to those in need,” explains bassist Jim Lee. Singer/guitarist Matt DeAngelis says that the additional focus on our military service members in the video “hits close to home.” He explains, “With one of our band members being a veteran, we found it especially important to shine a light on issues with PTSD, depression, and suicide in our military communities.” Along with their strong message, “Better Off Alive” finds Die Tired taking their songwriting and production to the next level. With powerful riffs, big melodic hooks, and driving drum and bass, the single proves Die Tired is a force to be reckoned with in the modern rock scene. “You my friend, you’re worth it in the end.” Don’t give it all away and find that you truly are “Better Off Alive” with the things you love around you.

EG Vines — The Swim

Released by: Birdtooth Records
Genre: Pop Punk, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

With “The Swim,” Nashville’s EG Vines fuses hook-heavy ’90s alternative with a Strokes-channeling garage fervor, plenty of surfy FIDLARisms (“take me to the ocean, let me drown”) and an undeniable pop-punk sensibility. The song’s pounding drums and catchy melodies all work in support of a carpe-diem narrative about transforming your life, shaking off the anchors of responsible adulthood and taking a reckless shot at your wildest dreams. The song debuted last week at EG Vines has shared bills with indie-rock artists from Black Joe Lewis, Grace Potter & The Weeks to throwback power-pop staples the Gin Blossoms.

Reclining Nude — She’s So American

With a cool punk rock groove and riff guitars, Reclining Nude launched a fun tongue-in-cheek single called “She’s so American”. This single has that all American anthem approach bringing back those wailing guitars of the 80’s incorporating all that’s hot in todays rock stars.

Moses Mikheyev — Whatever You Want (Keeping the Neighbors Awake)

An LA-based alternative rock, hard rock, folk, and pop singer-songwriter. “This is the fifth song off my debut record, I Only Have a Hundred Years to Love You. It was written as a co-write with the Los Angeles rock band ZAANO.

Rachel Mintz -Zoe

Rachel Mintz has a unique vocal, writing and production style that varies relatively wildly yet seamlessly between dream, art and baroque pop to dark synth alternative. Rachel grew up in Miami, FL with a musical family and performed in one of the world’s best children’s choirs. She went on to lead gritty rock and punk bands (Pigs with Dave Sender of Union 13) which metamorphosed into her more polished solo work accomplished with the help of Grammy winner Ian Cross (Usher, Janet Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Gwen Stefani) as well as Blake Harden (Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Sza), Shane Smith (Dirty Projectors, Los Lobos, Robert Francis) and several other industry pros.

Manners — Hunter? (I Barely Know Her!)

Part of a two-song split, Hunter is about leaving a relationship where you love someone so much, yet they can’t truly connect with you on a deeper and more meaningful level. Written and recorded from December to March 2023.

‘So Good’ by Songwriting team Cabela and Schmitt

The latest single, ‘So Good’ by Songwriting team Cabela and Schmitt celebrates that special someone in your life who makes you feel so fantastic just by being around them. Lucky is a man or woman who has had one or two of these moments. The atmosphere around them makes you want to tell the whole world about it. This ultra catchy tune has a dreamy sound that will get caught in your head.

MUSIC OF LIFE –Cabela and Schmitt

Music of Life by Cabela & Schmitt is a memorable single about lifes journey. Music of Life’s verses, bridge, and chorus were all separate ideas that I was playing with. After much lyrical help from Wayne and Rich, the chorus and the whole idea of not wanting to lose the feeling of a memorable song came together. Next, the verses came together using examples of memorable tidbits from life. We don’t want to lose the great memories! After much rearranging and adjusting lengths of sections, including a short instrumental section, they ended up working and flowing together. The song has turned out to be a comparison of life’s rich and memorable experiences and the great feeling of a memorable song.

Carve A Path — Without You

‘Without You’ is a song about something that helps you get through life easier. It’s an upbeat track full of energy, reflection, and appreciation. Hope you enjoy!” — James” Carve A Path is a punk rock artist from Long Island, NY. James touches upon subjects such as mental health, relationships, life, and more. Carve was born during a struggle that he had with mental health and was overall a way to help overcome it! The main idea of Carve A Path is to fight back against anything holding you down, and to overcome any struggles you’re going through. Stay tuned for more



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