Indie Music Spotify Playlists that feature great music this Summer

The best Summer playlists for discovering new indie music in 2022

When it comes to new music discovery, Spotify is the place to find what you’re looking for. The playlist system highlights whats happening in music today, you just need to know which playlists to follow to get a full scope of new arrivals.

Although Generation Z is turning to social apps like TikTok and Instagram to find out what’s hot, playlists are driving the larger majority of listening traffic.

The Spotify Playlists that are especially important to follow are being curated by more experienced music taste makers and influencers. The downside is there are so many playlists that it can really get confusing so we composed a list of great playlists that are updated regularly with new music.

Here’s a list of Indie Music Spotify Summer Playlists worth following in 2022.

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Come see what playlists are on our lineup for 2022..

Podcast that played all these hits and more every day:

Playlists to follow:

New Music Weekly Releases Radar

Updated weekly with hot new music releases in a mix of genres from our website. NMRR

New Music Release Radar by AVA Live Radio

Updated daily with hot new music releases in a mix of genres from submission coming in all over the world.

September 9th @CabelaSchmitt has a new CD “Like A Stone” releasing! Includes new single “We Call Home” and previously unreleased new mixes of many favorites! CDs and flash drives for sale, downloads on the Albums page!< Click here>

Fresh Finds

Discover what’s trending in inspired new tracks filled with layers and unusual soundscapes. This includes singles with a mix of Hiphop, rock, and pop influence.

Spotify’s Indie Summer Summer

A long list of summers favorites curated by Spotify monthly.

All New indie

A spotify curated playlist that adds new songs weekly and keeps the list hot for almost 2 months.

Pitchfork Select

Their Best Music updated weekly but listed for over 1 year.

New Sounds

A frequently updated playlist featuring emerging artists curated by Consequence of Sound’s monthly. All tracks deleted after 30 days.

Hype Machines Top 10

featuring songs from their most popular section. All tracks purged after 30 days and updated over the month.

Alex Rain Bird Music Top 10

Updated weekly with their favorite 10 songs of the week updated regualarly.

Indie Rock Music Playlists

We had a rocking summer with songs that inspired us, made us dance and helped us enjoy the summer.

Summer Rock Highlights:

Greg Hoy & The Boys Summer Anthem ‘Carry Me Back Home’

‘Carry Me Back Home’ is the second single from the new album ‘The Special Party’, and it’s as close to a summer anthem as the band gets.

Lyrically uplifting, musically driving, and melodically, an intensely sticky ear worm with a refrain about helping a fallen friend get back on their feet again, ‘Carry Me Back Home’ delivers.

<More about this artist>

Modern Day Outlaw — Broken Man

‘Broken Man’ by South Florida Rock band Modern day Outlaw is a interesting blend of Lynyrd Skynyrd meets Metallica. The single is the story of us all. The Choices we make, the challenges we face and the consequences of out actions.

<More about this artist>

New Rock Music Release Radar

Fine tune your Rock music taste by following our weekly updated list of rocks latest bands on the rise. Blog posts on our website :

New Indie Alternative Rock Jams

Jam out with our indie alternative rock playlist Curated by Jacqueline Jax.

A dreamy Rock Playlist

Filled with new tracks updated monthly for fresh releases.

Shamless Band- Cancel Me from the Less Is More EP

The lead single “Cancel Me” was inspired by various moments such as cancellation of world travel, face-to-face interaction and support, postponed weddings and graduations, and restrictions on celebrating life and honoring death. The song was written to empower the listener to push through and rise above the act of cancellation.

<More bout the band>

Indie Playlist • BIRP!

An indie playlist featuring the best Indie pop / rock tracks. Full playlist at // Updated monthly, so save your favorites! Indie, Bedroom Pop, Lofi, Surf Rock, etc.

Indie Rock Vibes on The Rise

Independent rock bands on the rise that you need to hear. Discover what’s trending on the indie rock and alternative rock scene.

Rock Mania Indie Music Playlist

A mix of fresh indie rock tracks that span from class influences to modern day infusions.

Hip Hop Playlists

New Hip Hop Music Release Radar

These Hip Hop and R&B tracks are on our radar this week. Updated weekly directly from our blog

Groundbreaking Hip Hop Next Generation

Groundbreaking Rap and Trap Caviar picks: Next Generation Hip Hop is here with some great new singles from West Coast, East Coast, Trap Rappers.

New Hip Hop Music Release Radar

These Hip Hop and R&B tracks are on our radar this week. This is a good mix of mainstream and new indie artists with awesome lyrical flow. Updated weekly directly from our blog

New Hip Hop Burning the Charts

Hip Hop’s finest artists burning up the charts with trending new music.

Underground Hip Hop and Rap | By LDB

Hip Hop 2022

Weekly list of great new Hip Hop burning it up..

POP Music

Carry The Sun- The Song Tailors

The most important message in this song is that by carrying the sun for each other we can make each other feel better, brighter, and stronger.

<more about this artist>

Cabela and Schmitt New Single ‘Birthday Party’

A song about life Cabela and Schmitt New Single ‘Birthday Party’ is a dreamy indie pop song with feel good vibes.

‘Birthday Party’ by Cabela and Schmitt is a dreamy indie pop song about celebrating life. The song embodies that feeling that nothing is going to stop you from your life mission as you walk forward ready to take on the world and capture all your goals.

Feeling young and full of vigor, you celebrate with your friends and you show them how confident you are about your future. Dreams do come true!

<More about this artist>

Fresh New Indie Pop Picks

Get out of that mid-day rut with music that will inspire movement and boost your energy from the Indie Pop Fresh Finds Playlist. Discover new singles daily.

Pop Daily

Tracks you need to hear in all things Pop.

Chill Indie

Indie music with real heart. Amix of calm, beautiful & thought-provoking songs.

Stay Home Chill Zone Music Playlist

Sit back and chill out with your friends while you enjoy this indie music playlist.

Electronic Playlist

Grounders Electronica Top 50 Playlist

Discover what’s trending in Electronic inspired tracks filled with layers and unusual soundscapes. This includes singles with a mix of Hiphop, rock, and pop influence.

Future House

The best Future House tracks of this moment! Weekly updated so make sure to listen now! Cover: SMACK 🔊 Future House Hits, Future House Mix, Future House Songs, Future House Artists, Future Deep House, Deep Future House. House music only (110–130 bpm) <website>
Also plays on youtube.

Chill Hop: Lofi

Looking for soft and mellow lofi tracks. For ambient/downtempo, we are not looking for full ambient tracks, rather a blend of lofi and ambient. (mixes on youtube)

Get on a Playlist

Submit music:

Tips for music submissions:

  1. Make an impact in under 30-seconds: start big and finish big by hitting the hook early and pushing for that bigger finish that keeps the listeners attention. NO slow fade-outs or energy drops.
  2. Songs are getting shorter, so always think about length. ex: 1:53 : Don’t try for playlists if your song has a super long intro, fluff or added extras that aren’t necessary.
  3. Repackage old material as a new release to get great tracks reconsidered: Timing is everything so make sure you own your genre: listen carefully to playlists and submit top quality tracks that fit those lists.
  4. Pay attention to cover art: Post a quality and high contrast image with every track you submit.
  5. Bring a following: Artists with weak social engagement don’t offer anything to a playlist curator to make it worth their valuable real-estate. If you want them to give you a chance, build a following that will actually listen to the music, follow the playlist and share it on social.

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