How to Promote your music on Instagram

Instagram is one of the best ways to build your brand and showcase your music.

Let’s take a look at some best practices for Instagram advertising and how to get your post seen by more people today.

1.Target your audience

Create a profile of your ideal superfan: How old are they? Where do they live? Are they male or female? What are their interests? Where do they hang out? Which other bands do they love? Use any existing fan data you have from your email list, band website analytics, or social media profiles for insight.

Make a list of possible hashtags that would be interesting to those people and keep them on hand. I recommend having around 60 tags to alternative on different posts.

2.Post with a purpose!

Always keep your target audience in mind each time you post. Every post is a reflection of your band, music brand, and image so use that wisely.

Choose what kind of profile you want to have by searching other artists that you admire. Once you have an idea of the kind of page you want to build start planning your content.

Think to post twice a day so you won’t overwhelm your followers by over posting. Posting too much or with no clear narrative or purpose can make people unfollow you.

You don’t have to choose between a personal and business profile, your content can be a hybrid of both because sometimes you are your brand just make sure the images or videos are are quality and add value to the instagram feeds.

There should be a reason for every post. Whether that is to promote new projects with a Behind The scenes piece of video pr image or talk about an upcoming gig.

Always plan your descriptions to encourage discussion in post comments, show your personality to your community, or show off work you’re really proud of. Put thought into every upload and let your profile reflect you as an artist.

I recommend that you plan your social media pages like it’s part of your job. Take as much care in them as you do your music.

3.Stick to a theme!

The importance of having a clear theme in both appearance and content is crucial.

For instance, having a color scheme embedded into your Instagram layout is a great way to ensure your profile appears professional, aesthetically pleasing and well thought out.

So if your band often plays in venues with low lighting and are therefore snapping photos on a dark stage setting, incorporate this into your Instagram theme and match other posts with darker tones and colour schemes.

No theme is better than the other, but the key is to make your entire layout cohesive. The same goes for content. You don’t want to make every post an advert (this can come across as spammy) and very uninteresting.

Portraying your image on social media is essential to your brand so make sure everything you post is on-brand in a clear way.

This should be the way you want to be seen by your fans and industry.


I recommend posting 2 times a day. Once in the am and once in the evening. Some artists can even post at noon as well if your content is amazing but it doesn’t necessarily make your account grow more quickly. Posting too much can be hard to do well so don’t take the chance of over whelming your following with redundant content.

For a band/artist wanting to build their following even once a day will keep your followers engaged without being too spammy.

What ever you choose, just be sure to maintain your post schedule. If you’re having a quiet week with gigs, a “throwback” photo is a great option when trying to conjure up content. Remember: consistency is key!

5. Link it.

Every post is an opportunity for “cross-platform promotion”, so if you’ve just dropped a new track on SoundCloud or video on YouTube, let your followers know! Put a link in the bio and utilize that opportunity.

I have no doubt that anyone who has followed an influencer on Instagram will have seen the terms “Link in Bio” at least once. So if you’re dropping a new sound somewhere, use one of your posts as a way to get more reach by encouraging your followers to check it out!

Remember to keep this up-to-date though: having a 6-month-old link in your biography section on Instagram isn’t a good look!

Don’t overlook the power of Instagram stories either, they’re a great way to quickly grab the attention of your followers and you can use this to get them engaged with your content on other platforms or to send them to your profile to see what the latest news is.

6. Engage with your followers!

Your followers are your fans, and that should always be at the back of your mind when using your social media platforms.

I once had a musician say to me, I didn’t want to answer comments because I thought I was supposed to be out of reach.

Out of touch may be more true to that statement. People who show up for you will stop showing up for you when you don’t show up for them.

They are your online community who has invested into your career and support you as an artist, so, ensure they know they’re appreciated right back!

When you’re trying to build your online presence, this is a crucial step to gaining and maintaining followers. When somebody comments on your posts, respond! Even just a thank you, when somebody posts a compliment under a picture, will go a long way.

Another great way to engage with your online community is to encourage a discussion underneath your posts. You can do this by asking a question within your caption on a new post.

Asking your followers where they’re from (city/country) is a great way to start engaging with your fans, and as an added bonus you can start finding out what areas your music is reaching and what patterns might exist.

7. Don’t go M.I.A!

Let me be clear. Unless you have an ever churning hit movie or song out there that has gained you a level of notoriety that warrants mystery, dropping off from your social media is going to do more harm than good.

It not only tells the algorithm that your account is inactive but people move onto getting their daily fix from someone who’s providing it.

Try to stick to your schedule, whether that be one post a day or three. If you’re touring or just in a busy stage, keep your online community updated to the best of your ability: it will show your followers that you’re thinking of them and helps to keep them engaged.

I can never understand people who say they have no time to post on social media yet they want to make music their career.

If your making music, then you have tons of content opportunities. Once you have music, video content and a cell phone in hand to capture selfies and behind the scenes images, there’s no excuse for not posting.

So remember: consistency is key, you are your brand, and your followers are your fans!

Have fun, and always be thoughtful when posting so that your Instagram can become an asset not a bug.

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