How To Preserve Your creative Legacy

Making sure your creative legacy lives on forever

Jacqueline Jax
6 min readMay 24, 2022


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How do we know that we will be remembered after we are gone? When you are living your life and enjoying the act of creating, do you ever stop to think about what happens to your work after your gone? What will people remember about you? Did you make a difference in anyones life? Will anyone care or notice that you are gone?

I started to think about this today when I sat down to write my next episode. The idea that my days have been spent creating things that may perhaps get lost or end up in a box one forgotten one day actually frightened me. It’s not that I’m egotistical about my work, it’s mostly a reflection on how my journey effected others.

Questions popped into my head like:

  • Did I spend enough time with my family and friends?
  • Did I live doing the things I loved the most?
  • Have I inspired my immediate circle in any way?
  • How will I be remembered?
  • Was my life and work valuable?
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Makes you think about how you spend your time, doesn’t it?

My first thought was to double check my schedule to make sure I wasn’t isolating myself so much in my creative that I lost contact with people all together. lol Especially after Covid, it’s been pretty easy to find yourself insulated in a bubble contacting people only by text or email.

After I scrutinized my schedule, my mind began to think of ways I could preserve my legacy and thus help you to preserve yours.

I’ve listed all those below for you but first you must be asking..

Why am I having such morbid thoughts?

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I recently heard from a friend and talented songwriter, Abby K who lost someone dear to her. His name was Rodger Ainslie. During the…



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