How to make your Instagram page look more desirable

Gain more followers by becoming an instagram posting pro

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When you’re posting randomly on Instagram, your grid can look very messy and unprofessional. One of the most significant mistakes people make on Instagram is using the main grid to post everything they feel like posting. Instead of ignoring the pairing and placement of photos to reflect your work and brand, try putting a plan in place that brings your front grid together while it reflects who you are accurate.

  1. Post more consistently but make sure you define your message in a unique way that becomes your signature. Go the extra mile so you can leverage your instagram page and stories to inspire your following rather than repel them.
  2. Make sure you stick to your front post esthetic. Use the same filter to create a more consistant look or use a second party app to add the same pre-set filter to every image. This helps to bring out the same mood and color palette on all your instagram images that’s unique to you.
  3. Pick a color palette that makes the feel of your instagram look more consistent and coordinated. It’s the key to looking professional even if your photos aren’t the highest quality. Tweeking the color can accomplish a consistent look.
  4. Plan your feed so you can keep the photo’s looking more balanced. Having an amazing looking instagram feed will increase your following based on presenting a more professional looking brand.

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Here’s 2 videos to help you crush it.

Tips for posting, using hashtags and improving ranking:

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