Since you enjoyed my last few Instagram Updates, I wanted to share some of my personal strategies for improving engagement on instagram. These tips are aimed at gaining more exposure on the app for the content you create and helping new people get to know you better.

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Use all 30 allowed hashtags in the comment section of every post. be sure to list your tags as soon as you can when you post so you won’t miss that extra boost from being discovered in the latest posts section for those tags. Hashtags will increase the discoverability of your post. Make sure you use 30 unique tags every time and do not repeat tags on every post. Rotate between 5 different sets of hashtags to ensure that instagram doesn’t flag you for spam, especially if your posting more than once a day. Try to find a good mix of hashtags that makes sense for your post. Choose a selection of smaller and larger hashtag with varied followings. If you choose only general tags, you’ll get lost in the constant flow of posts to that tag so be sure to include less popular more niche tags to gain more reach and a better chance of being listed in the popular tab for that hashtag.


Establishing genuine connections are so important. When instagram looks at a list of your comments, what would it see? Are you spamming the same comments? Only using emojis? Those are ways to get your account spam listed so try to add valued comments on at least 10–20 peoples posts every day to help you connect with people you want to get to know.

Choose people you have the most in common with by browsing though hashtags your using or that interest you. You can use the tags to meet producers, music bloggers, radio hosts & music curators(me: @Jacqueline Jax ) , other artists, film makers, fitness motivators, youtubers, travel bloggers, photographer.. So many people. It’s fun to explore so set aside 10 minutes every day to discover new people.

Always answer your comments first when you hit the app. It’s the best way to spark up those relationships with people who already are active and interested in your content. These will probably become your most avid fans or possible collabs for the future.


Did you know that you can reach 5X more people in stories right now? Use 3 hashtags in your stories to improve your reach even more. When I tag my stories, I get around 1,500 to 3,000 views on my stories. It’s really improved the reach of every post. Try different tags until you see what works for the types of stories you create and keep them noted in your phone for later use.

Another great way to boost engagement is to ask questions, use the poll feature on stories and include music. These features are all available in the stories section when you are creating your story. Just scroll through the available features and experiment with poll, GIF, Music, questions, like slider, and all the goodies being added daily to the options.

Don’t spam your following:

Use your stories section to post more in the moment content so you aren’t filling the newsfeed with multiple spammy posts. People don’t like to receive more than 1 or 2 posts a day typically so think about either having a second niche account if you have alot of content that can serve a more specific niche audience and divide your posts among the different audiences so you don’t risk people unfollowing your account from receiving too many similar posts in the newsfeed. Plus instagram won’t typically show all your posts to everyone so spamming the newsfeed doesn’t increase your reach to a new audience, it only spams the most engaged following you have which will probably work against your efforts.

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