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Jacqueline Jax
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It might seem like you’re facing a very tall hurdle when you want to get your music heard but in this business it’s all who you know.

Of course having amazing music is going to make the difference in how successful your music promotions are long term but a great marketing team can certainly get lots of eyes on the new release.

Set a goal..

When I work with an Artist or Record label, I like to set defined goals. Typically I will either set a goal of something like…

  • Achieving 100k Streams on Spotify
  • Building a press package to pitch to music blogs
  • Pitching a new single to RADIO prior to it’s release
  • Pitching a new single to music playlist curators & Taste influencers
  • Capturing a digital foot print using Google Search
  • Getting a video in suggested search on Youtube
  • Building up Press for an Album launch

Sometimes it’s even all of the above rolled out over a longer period of time.

The important thing is to set a great goal and know what you have to do to make that happen.

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Breaking an Artist

I have helped many new artists get their music heard. If the music is good, it will definitely gain an audience over time but to grow your audience you must be strategic.

Every artist has something they do exceptionally well so I always look for that first. When I’ve discovered that one incredible thing, I use that to open the door.

Working with independent Spotify music curators worldwide is the road but it’s the Artist and the Music that is ‘The Car’. My approach to music promotion is tailored to suit each artist, carefully planning each campaign to deliver success and maximize results so I can achieve the goal set.

Over many years I’ve made alot of contacts and learned how to leverage my very powerful network of influencers & professional tastemakers to break an artist.

I’m not going to tell you it happens for everyone over night as that just isn’t realistic. Todays musicians must have these things.

  • Great music
  • Consistency of release
  • Proof of concept: show that fans find the music and the artist or value
  • A decent Budget to work with
  • Time…

Once the goal is set, I can then create a plan to get good results. Working the plan does take some tweaking for each single as they are not all going to get the same results.

Podcast / Radio

On of my favorite methods for getting a new single noticed is podcast radio. Every good podcast or radio show has an audience of listeners established over time. Some listener counts are much larger than others but if a shows has been running for some time, it’s typically worth the effort.

My podcast has been running for almost 20 years now and is well established. The numbers are constantly building and depending on the songs featured, I’ve seen shows bring in listeners for over a year or more on replay. That’s gold for a new artist and finding nice pockets like that to sit your music in is a great way to get the word out.

AVA Live Radio Podcast

As an official Spotify Podcast partner, AVA Live Radio is a trusted source for music discovery among music fans and industry. We are working with Spotify to roll out Exclusive new music podcasts weekly that make discovery fun and easy for music fans as well as curators.

Spotify personally approves every show we produce and they pay back royalties to the artists being played on our shows so you can be assured that it’s authentic.

On the broadcast, fans can replay a song right from our show and click through to the Artists profiles page to listen to more music, become a fan and read their bio.

Radio promotion

In addition to our own show, we have a hardworking team of radio pluggers working directly with some of the biggest radio stations in the world. We work to get you heard — whatever your genre.

  • College radio, Terrestrial, National & International Radio Promotion to get you radio airplay
  • Specific genres covered across UK, USA, Europe and Australia

Spotify Playlist promotion

Pitching playlist curators is painstaking and time consuming. I don’trecommend that an artist try to do this themselves because it just looks like your begging. A really good artist should be focused on creating music, making videos and performing. Tracking down playlists and pitching them one by one is NOT a smart use of your time.

I have a database of curators that I have built relationships with over time and each of those curators hosts several different kinds of lists. Some of the curators have radio shows and some have music blogs or some kind of social media page that is also helpful in the optimization of a campaign. Why would you want to miss out on that advantage when you don’t have the time to nurture all those relationships for yourself.

Matching up music with targeted curators in order to get organic growth in streams, monthly listeners and followers is a big task. The smarter musicians let the professionals go to work on playlist promotion.

Besides Spotify, we also can help build streams and engagement within Apple Music, Amazon Music, SoundCloud music.

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Music video promotion

Focusing on YouTube is a beast. It requires a strategy and plan to grow a youtube channel and not all artists are cut out for that kind of dedication. On the flip side, you can have a single video promoted for you using press releases, music blogs, music news letters and social media.

How do you find that? Let me make this one really easy for you. You can get started building your own youtube channel and go door to door asking people to watch your video or you can hire a publicist and music promotion team.

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Music PR, press & blogs

A super important step for growing your fanbase and your streaming numbers is to get music reviews and features in magazines, blogs and from music journalists. These are the gate keepers of the industry. There are all levels of music journalists and getting the attention of good people will depend on your music, Proof of concept and your consistency.

Our campaigns pitch and place press articles and reviews in targeted music blogs and publications. Over the past 20 years+, we have established a huge network of press contacts and have helped artists tell their stories worldwide.

Our team of editors help to put the story together from your basic information and spend the time working the pitch so it puts your best foot forward.

We strive to find every possible avenue to gain exposure for our clients.

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Social media

That’s something that I do recomend doing in house. Artists should be using their social media pages to express their unique voice and personalities. Don’t post things just for the views, find ways to use your social feed as entertainment for your following. That’s the best use of a social feed. It should be an extension of your personal brand and a place where people can listen to your music and connect with your ideas.

Below is what’s included in my Music promotion service:

  • Ongoing communication with our dedicated team inlcuding planning and PR meetings.
  • Release planning and marketing strategies based on Budget
  • General career advice and support for the artist to help find that perfect balance of creative vs consistency.
  • Direct music feedback and recommendations
  • Marketing tactic advice that will support your career growth

Speak to one of the team, apply below.

Check out my Client Feedback page:
Setting goals with every artist has been a great way to achieve success on the campaigns I agree to get on board with.If I takeon a new client, I typically stay on board for every release.

I think you’ll get excited by all the fabulous artists on the rise.

Jacqueline Jax

Radio host, music journalist and publicist


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