How to get organic spotify promotion for your new music release

No Bots or fake plays, just honest organic spotify plays

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But some good news is that I work with a Press team and radio station that have had great success with this.

I’ve worked with the AVA Live radio team on driving Spotify traffic strategy development for over 10 years in driving Spotify Results.

What makes a difference in results?

On average, it does depend on the song as some reach 30k in a week, some reach 100k in 4 weeks and just keep growing, others take a lot longer and some just never take flight.

Even if your fans like a song, that’s not the deciding factor but it does help to see positive feedback like replays in the first week, requests for more music, and conversations around a single in that first month of release.

These are things I watch out for when I’m working on a promotional strategy for any new single.

Timing comes into play along with quality of music, genre and theme.

With so many factors involved, there are no guarantees other than we are committed to not giving up and we report all the details with you to constantly adjust the strategy in hopes of reaching that first 100k goal.

Do trends influence results?

Creating music that rides on music trends is a good strategy but isn’t a necessity. It’s just one strategy that works for DJ creators, electronic music producers and pop artists competing against artists in the top 5.

How can I get more Spotify plays?

If you prioritize Spotify results, you can work in depth with a press team in getting your spotify page traffic, I suggest doing a package that is focused on that goal only.

Defining one clear call to action with your team is essential in achieving the best results any one single can achieve.

When I work on the promotion of a spotify single, all traffic is designed to get you on a Spotify driven top 20 charts to measure how your music is doing in contrast to others in your area.

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