How to Find Your Music Super Fans on Social Media

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Jacqueline speaks with Cam from the Band Sepsiss about how they can easily start finding their super fans today on Social Media. You’ll hear an awesome strategy for marketing your music and brand as well as how to determine the kinds of things that people will engage with most on your pages.

Additional Bonus tips:

Posts that drive more engagement

  1. Personality:
    Show your funny side on a selfie or some kind of emotion in your pictures to make them more interesting. People will read your post and engage with the content much more easily than with a blurry selfie or boring picture of what you had for breakfast.
  2. Ask Questions:
    Questions typically work out well when you know what your fans are into. Try out some different kinds of questions until you learn what works.
  3. Use images with no text on them :
    The algorithms mostly think that you’re trying to be sneaky and exercise some kind of call to action or advertisement without paying fees. Just leave the text off and your post will be shown to more people. Visuals are very powerful and make a memorable impact on our brains. Visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than any other kind of content.
  4. Be Niche Specific:
    What every your page is about, keep the post in alignment with what people expect and like to see from you. Check your insights for the most liked and commented posts for any patterns that may show you helpful insights.
  5. Videos and Live streams:
    These are typically the most active posts across all social media. Be sure to create content that best fits the platform and speaks to the right audience.

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