How to add value to your social media pages to boost engagement

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Adding Value is a tricky thing. Most people think that everything they do is valuable to all people because it’s really easy to live in an ego driven bubble but for your content to actually become something of value you need to look closely at what your saying and showing as well as how your interacting with people after it’s posted.

You’d be surprised by the number of pages that do not provide value to their audience in any way. Your Facebook page is not a platform for you to sell your products. It’s actually blocking people from doing it because facebook users turn off those kinds of posts and jump ship when they see to many of them.

Your Facebook page should be about building trust and a connected community. It’s for entertainment and fun not for only driving sales and asking for things.

This doesn’t mean you should never promote content, it just means that you should focus more on your audience’s needs and solve their problems rather than looking to profit 24–7.

Content on your Facebook page should be 80% engagement material and 20% promotional. I actually advise 10% promotional as those post get no reach and are virtually ineffective at this point.

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You should strive to be helpful, useful, and valuable to your audience. Save the business transactions for people who solicit them on messenger or have inquired about them in comments.

Believe me, people are not dumb. We know what your page is for just by looking at your banner, profile image, description and supporting content. There are plenty of ways to show people what you create, what you do, and how you do it without begging for dollars and adding ‘ Call to actions’ on every post.

When you have done a great job on your posts, people will pursue what you have without you having to be them to do it. Just be patient and focus on creating amazing content that helps to support what you do and tell your story.

If you want plays on your music video, then live stream and drop short videos as well as images during it’s planning and creation so when you finally launch it on facebook or youtube your fans know about it and are anticipating the video. Same with music or any product. ‘Take the time to show the behind the scenes and you’ll have a much easier time putting your product into open arms.

Jacqueline Jax

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“It’s exciting to see creative people taking charge of their own careers and building communities around their work. I love where online business is today, being a part of that growth is exciting. I encourage people to jump in.. Better to be a lion for one day, than a sheep your entire life. Go after your dreams Ferociously…”

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