How does Spotify and Facebook become part of a bigger music marketing strategy

A music publicist lays out a music marketing strategy using facebook groups and spotify

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The Music Marketing Strategy:

If you enjoy facebook and have wanted to develop your following on the platform but can’t figure out how, here is one possible strategy that may fit you.

  • Add a description that talks about topics of discussions happening in the group. List your spotify page or a Linktree where all your links can be found.
  • Start discussion threads daily on topics that you think your audience would be most interested in.
  • Offer threads daily where your audience is encouraged to share what they are most interested in and look for possible topics of future discussions.
  • Watch for trends in mico discussions evolving that might inspire a new song, a music video or a tee shirt.
  • Sing or show your newest lyrics for your audience that was driven by the discussions in your group.
  • Share and promote your merchandise through your group page once a week with styles that circle around trending discussions.
  • Show that you care for your members and are their listening to their opinions openly. This builds trust and encourages community among a group of people who will respect and support your art.
  • Host regular live streams where you play your members song suggestions mixed in with your newest releases. Include a tip jar ( paypal link or website link collecting tips and encouraging sales of merch you advertise in your live streams.
  • Host listening parties for your music and that of your favorite musicians/ group members recommendations. Include the spotify playlist where the songs are collected.
  • Start music threads that share music you love, not just your own. Share playlists with your fans and encourage them to follow and share them.

Hope you enjoyed todays strategy outlining how you can use Facebook groups to build and sustain your music career.

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