How I found my purpose in life

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If you have been having trouble finding your purpose in life, you’re not alone. Many of us are and even when you think you have found it, that feeling of discontent may not entirely fade away.

Sometimes you just feel restless.

I think it’s a mindset that you have to adapt in order to put your mind at ease about your life and the direction your moving towards.

I have always felt that I was meant to do more.

Even though my purpose is established and my career is in place, I always feel like I still have not really accomplished enough.

There’s a feeling of discontent that always pops back into my life at least once a month.

It’s one things to believe in your heart that you are meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles but it’s another HUGE task figuring out what that is.

Don’t get me wrong..

My journey has been amazing so far and I’ve learned so many things but until I started putting that knowledge to use, I didn’t really feel fulfilled.

Perhaps that’s why you are here reading this now.

Maybe you still don’t feel that you have really lived enough or accomplished enough. Maybe your time capsule isn’t full or your bucket list still has way too many boxes left unchecked.

All of these are great reasons to do some soul searching and figure this out.

When I get that itch for more, I listen to my heart. If that inner voice is saying something, it’s best to trust my instincts and give myself some time to explore and evolve.

At least that’s how I stay inspired and keep that smile on my face.

Life feels less stagnant and I’m able to find my happy place.

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When I am exploring fresh ideas, I learn such invaluable lessons. This journey of knowledge seeking teaches me about myself.

I’ve found some things that I love to do and some things that add pure value to others and therefor enrich my life.

Of course some things don’t work out and that’s fine.

It’s the journey to find it out that is the sweetest.

Then once you find that purpose, it’s as if all the peace’s come together. Light shines through the clouds and the sun rises.

I believe that we are all here for a reason and it’s important to discover what that is.

Once you find out, develop your skills and find sweet perfection in the pursuit of it but always be mindful that…

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