Do you know how to get followers on twitter 2018?

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How to grow on twitter 2018 can be considered an art form but building your brand on twitter is actually fairly simple.

A section I created about twitter:

1) Retweet all those meet and greets onto your own timeline to help out your fellow artists and show good faith.

2) Follow everyone back that you want to follow you. On twitter most people use those “Follow/unfolow” apps that allow you to unfollow who’s not following you (so they can make room to follow more people do to the limit ratio of followers verses unfollows that spans about 500–1000) so you could be loosing as many followers as you gain daily just because you don’t take time to follow them back. On twitter it’s all about showing your followers that you notice and appreciate them.

3) Twitter is an in the moment kind of network so it’s not as much about building a solid timeline as it is about being active. Tweet thoughts, news, music videos, other people tweets who you want to build a great relationship with. It’s an amazing traffic driver for you to get to know people and let them know about you.

10/10/10 Rule
Basically, the 10/10/10 Rule means equal parts telling, sharing and engaging. For every blog post or other original tweet you share, make sure you’re sharing (retweeting) other followers’ useful or fun tweets, and also engaging in conversation with the people you’re following. It keeps variety in your tweets and makes sure you’re not overdoing it with the self-promotion.

I also follow an 80/20 rule for retweeting vs marketing based tweets. 80% brand building and only 20% marketing tweets.

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