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Is the 90’s making a comeback?

2020 was full of surprises. The biggest music shifts that we watched this past year included plenty of revivals from the 70’s, 80's and even the 90’s. Music creators combed old albums for what they use to admire and seemed to fall in love all over again with electronic synths, pop melodies, R&B vocals and plenty of spaciously wet vocals.

Here’s our Curators picks for this last week in 2020.

Track List:

Night Stuff by Nick De La Hoyde @Nickdelahoyde1

Sydney based singer songwriter growing up with global influences that he weaves into his sound.

Talk in Circles by Fare @WeAreFare

Ryan Lafferty and Charlie Maynard electronic pop soul project that infuses unique dark sounds with sentiment and vulnerable lyrics.

Head in a Bottle by Gerle

A beautiful voice that floats over easy R&B melodies.

Simple by Anja Kotar @AnjaKotar

Exploring the relationship between technology and youth, this Berklee graduate is pulling from her own experiences with a contemporary perspective.

TV (feat. Pom Pom Squad) by Tyzo Bloom, Pom Pom Squad

Tyzo Bloom is the moniker for LA-based artist producer and songwriter Casey Chen. Born in Newport Beach, CA, Casey’s family relocated to Japan when he was young, where he formed his earliest musical memories.

90’s Baby by Ria Marie @RiaMarieMusic

an obvious lover of voices like Whitney Houston and Jennifer Houston, Ria Marie has that glorious 90’s vocal finesse. We love the lyrics on this fun and creative single.

My Curators Weekly playlist is here:

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