Christmas Songs You Need to Hear this Holiday

What are you most thankful for?

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Aside from my Almost time for Christmas Playlist, I hope your counting your blessings however small they may be this year for the holidays.

Take a look around you and say thank you for getting past the roughest year.
I will never forget 2020 but I am sure looking forward to 2021.
Bring it on.

My Wish To you!!

“May all the spirit of Christmas conspire to lift your soul and bring you comfort. Know that you are never alone with all of us here saying a prayer under the same bright star.” — Jacqueline Jax

Follow the playlist: <Here>

Highlights of my playlist:

Something you didn’t know about the Beach Boys:

Few bands can define and era or a sound; the Beach Boys have done both. The period from 1962 to 1964 was chocked full of songs about cars, girls and surfing. While there were many groups that cranked out a surfing song or two, it was the Beach Boys that started the craze and provided the template for others to emulate. There are few bands whose music has endured as long as the tunes from Southern California’s favorites sons. Songs by the Beach Boys are played regularly on the radio, at sporting events, and in television and movies.

Something you didn’t know about The Carpenters

The Carpenters were one of the most successful sibling duos in the 1970s. Brother and sister Richard and Karen Carpenter were both incredibly talented, and, as such, they spent a lot of time in the public eye. Despite all of their time in the spotlight, there are still some things that most people don’t know about them. The U.K. Rolling Stone magazine has named Carpenter’s voice as one of the 100 greatest voices of all time. She clocked in at number 94. In 1973, the Carpenters went to the White House to play for Nixon, who was reportedly a fan of their music.

Something you didn’t know about Norah Jones

Norah Jones has two careers. In her “day job,” she’s a major pop star known for smash albums like her ten-million selling breakthrough, ‘Come Away With Me‘, and multi-platinum movers like ‘Feels Like Home ‘ and ‘Not Too Late‘. But, by night, she adopts a different guise — as one of the most employable guest star singers in contemporary pop. Over the last fifteen years, Jones has collaborated on projects with everyone from country’s Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton, to hip-hop’s OutKast and Talib Kweli, to jazz mainstays Herbie Hancock and Charlie Hunter. In between, she has enjoyed fitful trysts with Ray Charles, Belle and Sebastian, Gillian Welch, Foo Fighters and scores more.

Something you didn’t know about Cabela and Schmitt

Cabela and Schmitt, an indie trio of brothers has logged over 1 million spotify streams since they first started producing music. Their cult like following loves the way this songwriting team revisits their influences reflecting what they love and admire into their sound while still maintaining their own signature sound. Listen to all of their songs <here>

Something you didn’t know about Dave Molter and Al Snyder

Al and I grew up at a time when popular music was still reflective of many styles. Although we can and do wrote rock music in a variety of styles, we’re not ashamed to say that we are influenced by the Great American Songbook writers such as Irving Berlin and Cole Porter. “Where Is Christmas” is out first venture into writing what we’d call a standard pop ballad.

You’ll love the vocal delivered on this heartfelt Christmas single that inspires the soul and encourages all of to ban together to protect eachother.

Listen to all of their songs <here>

Something you didn’t know about Jessica Falk

Jessica happened to be attending a concert in Nashville where Jenn was appearing at the Grand Ole Opry. Afterward, Jessica, who was very impressed by Jenn’s music, wrote to her to ask if she would like to try writing some songs together. This collaboration resulted in Jessica’s previous single “Make a Change” and her latest single ”Little Love”.

Listen to all of her songs <here>

Something you didn’t know about Eartha Kitt

Eartha actually passed away on Christmas Day in 2008. She passed on just a month shy of her 82nd birthday.

This segment was filled with an hour of terrific Christmas Music from classic to fresh new discoveries you will never forget.

Curated by Jacqueline Jax

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