Can you still reach 1 million subscribers on Youtube?

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There’s been lots of talk about it being too late to be able to build a youtube channel but here’s a story that proves that theory wrong.

I’m happy to report that yes. In fact, you can reach 1 million subscribers on youtube.

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A few years ago, model-turned-vlogger Natalia Taylor went viral with a heartbreaking story time video about being kidnapped as a child. After the video reached 600,000 subscribers and moving to LA, Natalia abruptly stopped making videos.

There was a huge dead zone of time on her channel for a long time. Looks like LA was not all that she hoped as most dreamers do. She moved back home to Ohio, and withdrew even further from the web with a hiatus from social media altogether. It was black out time for Natalia Taylor leaving her following confused and causing most to just move on to the next big thing as people do online when you ghost out of existence.

But then there was light.. Natalia appeared back online reaching out to her fans through Instagram and Snapchat. Eventually, she returned to YouTube, hitting her first million subscribers even after deleting several of her previous viral hits.

Here’s how this influencer reached a million subscribers after deleting her most viewed video.

Honesty goes along way..

January 14, 2019 Natalia came back with a “Why I left youtube for a year” video that helped her reengage with 180,000 of her followers.

Turns out Natalia didn’t initially walk away from her channel without good reason. Suffering from the fallout of a breakup, a scandal, and her own mental health, she decided to take the time away that she needed.

Once she came back, she first focused on creating content she loved. As soon as she felt comfortable with her new audience, she opened up about her return to the platform. These confessions transformed Natalia in the eyes of many of her viewers because they were finally able to understand what she had been through and relate to her struggles.

I’m a big advocate of expressing real emotions and hurdles with your fans on social media. Without that kind of relatable authenticity, people just don’t feel like they can relate to you. After all, we know it’s not perfect in OZ.

A brilliant stroke of marketing genius. Those videos stories that went viral on her channel before she left were repackaged and delivered back to her channel.

Natalia didn’t just delete her old videos and pretend they’d never existed. Instead, she created a new video retelling her viral story of abduction while simultaneously explaining why she deleted the previous one.

While the new video didn’t gain as much traction as her initial viral hit, Natalia was able to share her story in a way that fit with her current approach to YouTube. The video brought in new viewers but didn’t advertise Natalia’s channel as a storytime channel anymore.

Trying to create the same kind of videos as before wouldn’t have helped Natalia’s channel grow. While she had new stories to tell, she had learned a difficult lesson about keeping her personal life and her online life separate. Instead of going back to the way things were before, Natalia smartly reinvented her content.

Unlike her old storytime content, many of Natalia’s recent videos focus on her experience as a professional model. Unlike many influencers whose modelling careers are dominantly social media-based, Natalia has been able to use her professional experience to create videos about body confidence, self-image, and even photo tips.

Natalia Taylor made a major YouTube comeback by reinventing her channel. When she changed her approach to creating content, she attracted an even bigger audience than before.

  1. Figure out what you know and see if you feel like creating content around that?
  2. Teach something in your videos. People love to learn on youtube to try to create videos that explain or demonstrate how you do something. As you develop skills, it’s fun to show them off so look at a skill you recently mastered and search for videos on that. You’ll probably get some aweosme ideas for your next video .
  3. Explain your story. If you lead with an authentic story explaining how you over came a struggle, that’s youtube gold. It helps the audience resonate with your video and encourages subscribers just based on connecting through that common struggle.
  4. Consistency: Once you capture the attention of your audience, don’t loose momentum. Keep delivering the same kind of content digging deeper into the subjects of your most popular videos. Think about developing them out as a series. For instance, I just started a Studio Session video series that my entire website is being built around. Subscribers follow in anticipation of the journey I’m on and there’s even a crowdfund for super fans to start supporting more of what they love.
  5. Encourage your audience : Find ways for your audience to participate and let them know what they can expect from you. Managing expectations is a huge part of building a community that connects. people need to know that you care about them. So find ways to show them that you do and you’ll see your following grow much more quickly.
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Written by Jacqueline Jax

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