Best Organic Spotify Promotions in 2020

Increase your Spotify Plays with organic music promotion

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Most musicians try to go about this alone and end up lost in the crowd.

According to data released by Spotify there are 40,000 tracks released every day on the platform. Only 80% of the 20 million songs on its site have been listened to at least once. That means that four million tracks are unheard.

So what should you do to increase your Spotify traffic?

When it comes to boosting traffic on Spotify, you absolutely don’t want to fake it. Spotify is very knowledgable about who is faking their numbers and they can and will delete your account so don’t do it.

Most of the huge independent playlists you’re chasing down and dishing a TON of money out to are entirely made up of fake accounts to make them seem valuable.

You can’t sell merchandise to fake bots and you certainly can’t build a sustainable music career around a fake following either. This is why you don’t want to fake your social media numbers either.

Spotify is reportedly cracking down on artists who are getting fake streams. These artists may get “blacklisted” from being placed in search results, homepage, and organic playlists.

How Fake Playlists work:

A playlist buys a following and sells a listing on that playlist to an unsuspecting indie artist. Once the artist pays a fee guaranteeing a set amount of plays (dead giveaway) the curator then purchases bot playlist plays to fake the engagement.

This hurts the artists because they don’t get real listeners. It’s only fake numbers for show which serves no one.

After the promotion is completed, the artist is left with no value for their money. No content created, no internet real estate has been captured and no music career is being established.

With the current state of the music industry, I feel that this is tragic. What indie artists should focus on is exposure.

You can’t gain real exposure by going to a faceless website and purchasing plays or followers.

What you SHOULD do instead to increase Organic Spotify Plays

What you need…

  1. A promotional team:
    I think this is most important. Even if you have everything in place, you can’t make it work for you if you don’t hire an effective promotional team. Check out this one here: AVA Live radio feedback is 5 star.
    A promotional team must be savvy and know how to get results quickly. Always check their feedback and do a complete search through the other musicians they promote before moving forward. There are alot of scams out there. Your promotional team should also have contacts in the industry to get you published on websites like AVA Live Radio : Indie Music Spin : American Pride Magazine: The 6ix in Canada : British Invasion Magazine : I have a full list of blogs that I have a personal relationship with. They all have organic traffic. <Click here>
  2. Develop Great content:
    I run a team of the best content writers in the music business. All of the writers I work with are not only creative but can shape interesting and searchable stories about music. They write for all the major publications and have a wealth of experience. Without great content focused on bringing the right readers to a musicians brand, the music simply get’s lost in the 40,000 songs uploaded to Spotify each day. I include access to my writers here: <Click here>
    Start writing content around your release and music brand.
    Creative writing is powerful. An effective article can produce traffic long term for a musician and boost plays indefinately. As the article gets discovered in search or through sharing, new people can listen to the music and decide if they want to get on board with that artist. All content needs to have at least one link to your website, spotify page or social page so new fans can follow your career.
  3. SEO Optimization:
    Google search is amazing. It’s the best way to bring in a steady stream of traffic. Your marketing team needs to have a good plan to achieve great results for you through content writing. Every musicians should know at least the basics of SEO.
  4. A music epk featuring all of your latest release information.
    This should be a page or file that includes a press release, links for your social media, website and music, a short bio, a recent Q&A page, video link and pictures. Everything the press needs to get the basics so they can decide if they want to start writing about you.
  5. Spotify music profile with an identity and all details filled in. Your profile is the first impression you make on your fans, be sure to make the most of what they offer you on Spotify.

6. Social media pages: Utilize Social media:
Social media pushes alot of organic traffic. If you have a following, you can reach out to your fans with new music, start conversations around your theme and share the content articles being written about you. All of this drives plays and if the music is great, people will listen and be open to coming back for more.

At least one social media page to stay in touch with fans in the social sphere. *Be sure you check that the social media page you chose has your target audience using it. There are alot of pages with different demographics. Plus you will want to research what kind of content does well on the app of your choice and decide if you can produce that kind of content reguarly.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr. Each one of these has its own style.

Most artists are producing content for all of them because not all people use all apps. Just do what you can keep up with.

Next Level Marketing:

Here are some awesome things you might not think of..

  1. Get a phone number just for fans and connect to them via text and phone. Sure it takes time but why not spend time with the fans that matter.
  2. Develop your email list: Stay in control of your fan list: Every musician should have an email list. This list is the gold standard for every winning musician. Your email list filled with active fans allows you to create personal messages and weekly updates that can be delivered to all your fans without relying on a sketchy social media algorithm blocking your reach.
  3. Facebook group page: it does take a little time but develop a facebook group page for your most active fans to gain access to early releases, preview your music, enjoy private live streams and feel special. This group can be the place on social media that nurtures your most active fan army.
  4. Instagram: There are so many new tools on Instagram to use for music promotion. I love Instagram Reels right now for getting music into peoples ears. If this is more your speed, take a look at my Instagram Music marketing Course on Udemy. I have also posted some help articles. See below for links..
    Take a look at the
    AVALiveradio Instagram page for music marketing ideas.
  5. Start Live streaming:
    People still love to see music performed live. If you have the talent to do it, you can still sing your songs live on facebook, youtube or instagram. The key is to start small by setting a time and date. Setting a date with people allows them to plan for it. They will also be able to give you feedback on when the best times are moving forward and which tracks are your favorite. Put your spotify link in the description box and tell people about your spotify profile.
  6. REELS on Instagram:
    Reels are short videos. Think about repurposing your content into your reels and leaving your spotify link in your bio. (I like to use Linktree to show a list of links on one page) Note the link in bio in your Reels description box and give people a reason to go there.

It really does take some creative marketing to stand out but develop your brand and strategy slowly.

Start by gathering pictures and working with a content writer and publicist to develop out your story.

You will save yourself so much time and frustration.

Good luck to you.

Feel free to leave me a comment below to your music profile.

Jacqueline Jax

Music journalist, Radio host and Publicist

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Radio Host @AVALIVERADIO ❤️ Journalist ❤️ I write for people who expect more from life and strive to improve their mindset. You’ll find inspiration here.

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