Are you optimizing your social media strategy to build fan engagement?

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Until you get to know what works, throwing up unplanned posts are most likely killing your post reach.

How much content you post on any social media page as well as what kind of posts those are really matter to the fans and also to the algorithms judging your posts.

Every post you publish is judged by hundreds of factors but in my opinion the most important ones are time of day and content style.

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How much content should you publish a day?

In fact, as a feed browser looking to see what’s happening with my friends, I’m actually annoyed by duplicate posts, advertising posts, posts that aren’t what I liked a page for and multiple posts from one person that offer NO VALUE AT ALL. So if this is you.. I beg you.. please stop.

Most experts recommend only 3 posts a day so you don’t overwhelm your audience. Do not post those 3 posts without several hours in between post and make sure that each is very different.

Twitter is better for those of you who like to post something every minute of the day. Instagram should definitely see no more than 3 posts a day if they are all unique or offering tremendous value. And facebook can handle 3 posts a day if your page is showing them to your audience, but if you see that your posts are only getting shown to 1% of your fan base, then posting more often is making that worse not better.

Less than 1 % post reach on facebook means that no one wants to see the content your posting and facebook has taken that information and blocked your posts from reaching everyone on your list who ignored your last few posts.

The only way for your posts to be seen is for you to start posting great content that your fans actually want to see and that don’t land in the category of advertising or trying to lead people off of facebook.

I know that second rule isn’t always possible because you have links that need to be there but do they really need to be there or can you find a way to get that same information onto facebook so you don’t have to push people off the page from every post.

Run a test yourself trying out different post types and then study your page insights data to find out how content is interacted with based on how much you post, when you post, what kinds of posts you publish and how people react to them.

If posting more is dragging down engagement, cut it out, if your response is even, you can leave it alone. Remember that your page engagement is your number one priority.

Once you’ve got frequency and timing down you’ve got to be consistent so your audience knows what to expect. You can schedule posts at these optimal times by using the on page scheduler on facebook or hootsuite also allows you to post to all the pages.

The organic reach of your post will increase the more your audience interacts with them. This is the same on all the social media pages.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some interesting tips for adding value to your posts. That should really help you design better posts that boost engagement so subscribe to my page here on medium and follow the show.

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