Approaching a new dialogue with kindness and compassion during unstable times

Songwriter Abby K reflects on the day the world came to a screeching halt.

Jacqueline Jax
6 min readOct 7, 2020


Abby K

Our world has changed. I can’t find one single person that has not been deeply effected by this Pandemic.

It’s changed the way we all think, the way we treat each other and how we live our lives.

Covid-19 has become a silent obstacle that has forced us all to change.

The Songwriter series I am developing highlights real stories from our music storie tellers. The creators of today are suffering yet bravely tackling the challenges one day at a time and emerging even more powerful that before.

They have been forced to reflect inward and as a result, we are seeing music that will become a time capsule held still in history.

These are their stories..

Songwriter ABBY K

Straddling the line between classic Americana and traditional acoustic folk, Abby K crafts an interwoven patchwork of soundscapes that reflect her journey with airy grace. Abby’s sound taps into a variety of influences, including her Kentucky roots, her Midwest authenticity, and the grit of her adopted home between the mountains and sea.

After a lifetime east of the Mississippi, Abby K landed in the Pacific Northwest music scene with nothing but her guitar, a handful of songs, and a big desire to dive into the vibrant community. Determined to find her true voice, Abby took every opportunity to get out there and play: participating in songwriting circles, open mikes, showcases, and traveling tours.

Now she’s reflecting on this last 8 months and how she is now approaching a new dialogue with kindness and compassion during unstable times.



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