A YouTube Update is here to Compete with TikTok

Youtube has just launched it’s video shorts TikTok Rival Tool

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Instagram, Snapchat and now YouTube are among those looking to gain an advantage by leveraging the instability around TikTok to launch a new short-form video experience called YouTube Shorts.

Confused about where they should go to promote music, Youtube looks to be one of the best options.

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Already being tested in India, the Youtube shorts allows users to upload 15-second or less short-form videos using a new set of creator tools, including a multi-segment camera, similar to TikTok, speed controls, a timer and a countdown feature. The multi-segment camera lets users string together multiple video clips into one short clip.

The videos can also be set to music, thanks to YouTube’s access to a large library of songs that it says will continue to grow over time.

In the wake of Facebooks latest update threatening musicians to delete their pages if their music is found to have copyright issues, Youtube will no doubt reclaim the TOP Spot as the BEST social media app for musicians.


as stated on the Youtube blog today.

“We’re excited to announce that we are building YouTube Shorts, a new short-form video experience right on YouTube for creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos using nothing but their mobile phones.

Over the next few days in India, we’re launching an early beta of Shorts with a handful of new creation tools to test this out. This is an early version of the product, but we’re releasing it now to bring you — our global community of users, creators and artists — on our journey with us as we build and improve Shorts.”

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Seen on : https://blog.youtube/news-and-events/building-youtube-shorts

What is Shorts?

Shorts is a new way to express yourself in 15 seconds or less, and our team is focused on building its foundation across three main areas:

  • Create: Creation is at the core of short-form video, and we want to make it easy and fun to create Shorts. We’re starting to test just a few new tools for creators and artists with our early beta in India:
  • A multi-segment camera to string multiple video clips together,
  • The option to record with music from a large library of songs that will continue to grow,
  • Speed controls that give you the flexibility to be creative in your performance,
  • And a timer and countdown to easily record, hands-free.
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Image by Team Youtube : https://support.google.com/youtube/thread/71081044

How to use Youtube Shorts?

Youtube is encouraging any mobile creator or artist to start uploading their existing short videos on YouTube today to start getting discovered.

  • If you have access to the Shorts camera, you’ll be able to start creating short vertical videos right on the YouTube app! To check if you have access and start creating your first Short, hit the “+” icon (or the video camera icon on iOS) and select ‘Video’. If you see ‘Create a short video’ then you have access to the Shorts camera, which will allow you to use editing tools to do things like string multiple video clips together, use speed controls and timers, and add music to your video clips.
  • Note: For users on Android and located in India, you’ll see the “Create” icon has moved to the middle of the bottom navigation bar to make it easier for you to create videos right from the YouTube app. Learn more about this design change here.
  • If you don’t have access to the Shorts camera yet, you can still upload your existing vertical videos that are less than 60 seconds using the hashtag #Shorts in the title or description. We’ll be testing out a section on the YouTube homepage to highlight videos created from the Shorts camera, as well as any vertical video up to 60 seconds that have been uploaded to YouTube. We’ll be rolling out even more ways to find Shorts over the coming weeks — stay tuned!

How do I watch Youtube Shorts?

You may have recently seen a row on the YouTube homepage especially for short videos, and starting today we’re also introducing a new watch experience that lets you easily swipe vertically from one video to the next, plus discover other similar short videos. We’re also going to make it even easier to start watching Shorts.


This feature is still in beta, so if you don’t see it keep checking back to this page for updates over the coming weeks and months ahead.

Written by Jacqueline Jax

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