How to tell what’s most important to your success

I feel like I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire adult life. I can’t remember when I worked for anyone other than apprenticing to learn something about a business I was interested in pursuing.

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During college I worked in fashion design and started an online vacation wear store before it was popular to shop online. After I graduated, I painted large scale architectural renderings and ran my own interior exterior design firm. …

It’s a question we never thought we would have to answer.

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If you asked me 2 years ago if I thought Live venues would close and concerts would be no longer experienced in person, I would have said no way. Still, here we are, with venue doors closed, concert promotion companies out of business, and the world still in lockdown for the 3rd time.

The pandemic has changed the music world by closing music venues. This has left artists and music fans longing for those fun times where the music becomes that connector between musician and listener in a live setting. …

How to know where to promote your music on the internet

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There have been many changes to the music industry yet again this past few years. Apps are starting to move towards making music more accessible to creators, thus allowing indie music to become more visible in the same pool as popular mainstream musicians.

As a musician, you need to know how to stand out in that flow stream that can be cluttered with 80k + tracks launching each day on spotify.
As a Spotify music curator, music journalist and radio show host, I have developed some clear opinions on where indie artists need to be promoting their music.

I think…

How do I develop a fan base on social media? Where should I focus my Music Marketing efforts?

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Musicians Question?

I want to develop a fan base that I can access and see outside of Spotify fans. Where should I focus my Social Marketing efforts? Do I have to make a choice on which platforms to use and use well? Should I, for now, solely focus on Instagram and then see what else to improve afterward?

How to develop a music fan base on social media : the essential music marketing plan that every musician needs to know.

Jacqueline Jax Answer:

It’s good to do what you can handle. That’s the best way to start. …

I wish I had the confidence to trust what I hear good or bad

1. What do you wish you knew when you started?

If related to music in general, I would say how to use my ears and listen to what I am doing. Something I learned from my good friend Trevor in 2013–2014. He always said, “trust your ears”, trust what you hear (good or bad). I wish I had had more confidence in myself and able to trust my ears when I started. If related to the track itself, I would have liked to know how to visualize the track, making the process less stressful.

2. Name one artist who influenced your music and how their music affected you’re becoming a musician.

I find it difficult to mention one artist, as I find more artists inspiring, and…

Trust is something that should be earned and not given easily

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“Trust in the Music Business is something that should be earned and not given easily. “That statement was coming from a music producer who has seen his share of trouble.

I found common ground on this topic during an interview with Music producer Ghost u like it i love it spoke for the AVA Live Radio Behind The Music Series.

Our chat touched a cord that made me start taking a mental note of how I personally had to learn to establish boundaries to help me maintain friendly and professional relationships in the music business.

That’s no easy task. If…

What is Payola in the music business?

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I don’t hear of it much anymore as most artist are now using digital promotions offered by music marketing agencies but it does still exist in the big labels relationships with popular commercial Djs.

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FYI: What payola means?

Undercover or indirect payment (as to a licensed disc jockey) for a commercial favor (as for promoting a particular recording) .

Payola, in the music industry, is the illegal practice of paying a commercial radio station to play a song without the station disclosing this information. …

The number of times the songs are played can influence the perceived popularity of a song, and payola may be used to influence these metrics.

Typically traditional radio stations are forced to only play those same songs over and over…

A musicians guide to the music business in 2021

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In today’s article, I will lay out a solid plan to help you make money from your music. A musician used to make 300k a year in album sales with a smaller audience before streaming took that option away.

The Problem:

Fans don’t want to buy your music when they can get it for free from streaming services but, what if you had other features or entertainment to sell along with each song?

What if you could still make money from your music?

Here’s how Musicians are making 100k-300k a year selling music.


Think about ways you can entertain your music fans with special options only available only for subscribers. Sure…

Reviewing low cost options for Marketing your music video

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On average, a musician pays anywhere from $0.15 to $0.50 per click on video campaigns that are optimized after lots of trial and error.

That number ends up being the larger side of $2.50 per view by the time you figure out what’s working.

The rate is even higher for single image ads with a $2.00 and higher CPC rate for the same audience. This is because Facebook values video content in ads because it gives videos a bigger impression share and cheaper CPC.

I’ve discovered this over many years of creating and running video ads for my music clients. It’s way too expensive and typically only gets you 3 second video view results. …

Get your music to stand out against 60,000 tracks launched every day on Spotify

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This article will give you some amazing ideas for using instagram to get your music to stand out against the 60,000 tracks launched every day on Spotify.

Did you know that CD BABY collected $125M from Spotify streams, apple music, and youtube music listed with their distribution service in 2020?

That’s a lot of opportunities you are probably missing out on if you are not on streaming platforms. Still, at the same time, Spotify generally pays between $.003 and $.005 per stream, meaning you’ll need about 250 streams to make a dollar, so it’s not the way artists, in general, are making money with their music.

Spotify isn’t there to make money for musicians, the real purpose of the platform is to give you a tool to…

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