9 New Music Singles of Summer 2022

New Music Friday has some fresh finds JUST ARRIVING

Don’t you just love discovering new music?

Summer 2022 has been shaping up to be full of surprises as new music arrives almost daily but these size new singles are at the top of my list today. And of course, one BONUS TRACK just for fun plus a list of what’s coming up on Friday!!

New Music Singles of Summer 2022

Moth To A Flame ( Moojo Remix) — Swedish House Mafia — The Weeknd — Moojo

Moojo fans were delighted to hear a remix was released on The Weeknds ‘Moth To A Flame ‘ with Swedish House Mafia . The song released in 2021 as a SHM comeback was a clear departure from the sound they pioneered for the festival circuits in the last decade.

The King and I ( Eminem (feat. CeeLo Green) (Hip Hop)

Taken from the soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming biopic Elvis hitting theaters on June 24, 2022. “The King and I” featuring CeeLo Green is produced by Dr. Dre. Elvis chronicles the life and career of Elvis Presley. It stars Austin Butler as the iconic rock’n’roll figure and Tom Hanks as Presley’s infamous manager Colonel Tom Parker. In addition to “The King & I,” the film also includes a new Doja Cat song called “Vegas,” as well as Swae Lee and Diplo’s recent single “Tupelo Shuffle.” <Pitchfork>

New Release ‘And We Sing’ by Cabela and Schmitt celebrates that Human Connection

‘And we sing’ by Cabela and Schmitt celebrates the ability of musicians to connect with people all over the world through the music they sing. Music is a universal language that connects people and brings people together through harmony.


Olympus — Blondshell

The 24-year-old Los Angeles–based singer’s debut single details a bleak, drug-fueled romance. On “Olympus,” Sabrina Teitelbaum’s slow burning debut single under the name Blondshell, the 24-year-old contemplates her demons. They can all be traced back to a toxic relationship that enables an equally harmful affinity for toxins. The romance here is bleak: there’s the house that reeks of vodka, the long summer nights spent sweating out drugs, and, perhaps most painful of all, a lover’s declaration that she only belongs when she’s faded. <Pitchfork>

The Road- Madeline Edwards

California born, Texas raised singer/songwriter Madeline Edwards has done it again. After her hit song “The Road” which has garnered over 6 million streams to date, this Country newcomer is announcing the release of her self-titled debut EP, set for June 24. “This EP has been in the works for over two years,” says Edwards. “The influences that helped shape the sound of it have been in the works for even longer. I’m excited for everyone to hear the beginning of a new chapter in this musical journey.”

To celebrate the EP, Edwards, who flawlessly blends jazz, soul, gospel, and country music on the new offering, is sharing a brand new track “Hold Your Horses” — written by Edwards, Klare Essad, and Joy Hanna — a follow-up to previously released tracks “Port City,” and “The Road.” <Songwriter>

All my shit is Stupid — YoungBoy Never Broke Again (Hip Hop)

“All My Shit Is Stupid” marks the rappers’ first collaborative single. iLoveMakonnen and YoungBoy Never Broke Again have connected for the new song “All My Shit Is Stupid.” On the track, YoungBoy mentions Makonnen’s late friend and collaborator Lil Peep, rapping, “Came from the Six, front row at my show/But she say her favorite rapper Lil Peep, though.” Listen below. <pitchfork>

Black & White TV — Traveler

Black + White TV takes soulmates to the moon and back on new single “Traveler”. The singer, Jonathan Joyce, was inspired to write this song from being away from his daughter for years and he misses her to death. He wrote a song about what it feels like being so alone and the person you love is so far away. He thought of several situations while writing such as being away from your soulmate, or your family. In this song, the singer’s soulmate is on the moon, while he is still stuck on earth. She is messaging him from her skylab saying “If you are ever alone, I have a place for you. He sends the message back up to his soulmate saying the same thing “if you are ever alone, I have a place for you down here” <AVA LiveRadio>

Ghost u like it i love it — Curious

New Summer Single ‘Curious’ by Ghost u like it i love it is a Moment of Inspiration

‘Curious’ is a love song that focuses on that initial impression you have when you are on a great first date. When you are really interested in someone, your mind becomes curious and hyper focused. It’s a moment of inspiration. Curiosity killed the cat but curiosity healed the heart with this one. This single is amazing and it’s in its own time.

The song tells a simple story blended with a catchy rhythm to create a unique atmosphere that engages the listener. You can’t ask a person who they are without meeting them but you can smile randomly at someone you never knew and always be curious about them. <AVALiveRadio>

Call — Reggie Becton, Nana (R&B -Hip Hop)

Reggie Becton is a bold storyteller, who shoots straight from the heart with every emotion emphatically oozing out. Reggie’s music is an audible depiction of the emotional complexities that millennial men face when dealing with love, life, and loss. Reggie’s music is a unique fusion of classic r&b, new wave soul, and funk-rock. <more>

New Music Friday is still to come.

June has already shown us so much new music but there’s is so much more in the works. We haven’t even hit New music friday yet which will complete our June 2022 music journey. Check out what’s coming up next!!

BONUS: “Break My Soul” — Beyoncé

With the release of her highly anticipated new single “Break My Soul,” Beyoncé is positioning herself as the patron saint of letting loose and submitting to the beat. Oozing with the infectious energy of Nineties dance music, “Break My Soul” marks a triumphant return — and exciting genre pivot — for Beyoncé, an artist and visionary unafraid to reinvent her sonic and visual aesthetics with each new album cycle. <Rolling Stone>

New music coming up.. June 24, 2022

Conan Gray, Superache
Elvis soundtrack
Luke Combs, Growin’ Up
Lupe Fiasco, Drill Music in Zion
Muna, Muna
Regina Spektor, Home, Before and After
Soccer Mommy, Sometimes Forever



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