7 Fantastic Music Podcasts you should be listening to

The best music podcasts to follow in 2022

Jacqueline Jax
4 min readJun 17, 2022


With the rise of music streaming services, people are having a harder time discovering new artists. The playlists are not programmed with enough variety so it can be difficult to find great new artists. Podcasts, on the other hand, present keen listening opportunities for those who enjoy music.

Podcasting is a great way to learn more about your favorite artist, discover new music, and make connections with other fans of different genres across the world. There are a lot of podcasts related to music that you can listen to regardless of what type of music interests you. I certainly recommend checking out some of them. ;-)

7 Fantastic Music Podcasts you should be listening to right now.

1.AVA Live Radio

If you are looking to discover new music, Jacqueline Jax hosts a daily music podcast that reviews all the newest singles out. There are daily music review in video and podcast format as well as episodes featuring sets of new music discovery. She tells you her opinion on the singles and tells you a little something about each artist. <listen here>

2. Lost Notes

This terrific series of podcasts from US radio station KCRW aims to bring you ‘the greatest music stories never told’. The net is cast pretty wide and each season comes with a theme, though there’s a heavy focus on the ’80s and the heyday of independent and alternative music. <listen here>

3. Popcast

The New York Times’ monolithic music podcast is a huge and mercurial thing that changes shape from week to week depending on how they decide to direct their enormous resources. Sometimes it’ll offer a straight-up artist profile; more often than not, it’ll pursue a more esoteric trend or report a fascinating story from a foreign country. <listen here>

4. QuestLove Supreme

The legendary drummer from The Roots (and Oscar-winning documentary maker to boot!) is also something of a podcasting pro. ‘Questlove Supreme’ offers long-form, interview-based deep dives into the worlds of a wide…



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