5 New Songs You Need To Hear Today

New Indie Music that tells an important tale

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Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

These 5 new indie music singles stood out in the crowd today for their powerful messages and interesting production.

Listen on Podcast or listen via track list below..

Illustrant & S!RiUS BLACK’s ‘Glock Free’ is promotes staying away from gang activity and violence

The main focus of the track is about staying away from gang activity and violence. This track was made to speak volumes about winning life in the right way, and not falling for a life of crime.

Sleuth New Release Last Train

New Release Last Train by Sleuth transports us somewhere else. This song is about experiencing death, but not in a sinister or painful way. I suppose the metaphor for Death is the idea of the train arriving to transport us somewhere else, and our reluctance to leave, even though our time has run out.

Pretending by Orla Gartland

A cry out from the youth today to get in touch with yourself and celebrate what makes you unique.

Wildflowers by Lissy Taylor

This striking songwriter has a depth in her voice that makes the song engaging to listen to.

Care For You by The Marías

A very well produced artist out of Los Angeles with a velvet voice and unique style. You get to enjoy Jazz elements with horns on this one.

SanDiego #Songwriter Jessamine Barham talking directly to us with #newsingle Marching On

So infectious with a fragile truthful vocal & folk tambourine influences. Got to get out my bell bottoms, flower headband and tie dyed tees. Thanks for the good vibes.

MORE Great Tracks have just been added to my playlist:

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