5 New Songs That Help You Overcome Struggles

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow

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When you’re experiencing hard times, it’s hard to realize that sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our life to add balance and knowledge to your journey.

If you never experienced hard times, you would not appreciate the blessings in life.

These new songs are encouraging you to rise above your struggles and look at life through different eyes.

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Track List:

The song became an anthem for freedom. Calling for us to reflect on what matters and important to us, to use our voice, and actively create the life we want. I feel like more than ever right now we must speak out and take a stand for the life we want.

My new single GRIP is about being there for someone that is going through a rough time in life, dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, fear of loss, for you to be a loving caring vessel for the person that you can be the vaccine to ease there pain away through physical touch or words of expression.

can relate to a lot of struggling people encouraging you to “go with the flow” during this hard time period in modern history.


‘Up to you’ by Tyler Ganus is a single close to the heart. It is all about mental health and dealing with emotions. Everyone experiences grief in a different way, and sometimes it takes a while to get through that.


The new single is a true story about being far away from the people we love and how we long for the day we can be with each other again. That’s why we say ‘See You Tomorrow’ rather than ‘Goodbye’.


Curated by Jacqueline Jax

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Radio Host @AVALIVERADIO ❤️ Journalist ❤️ I write for people who expect more from life and strive to improve their mindset. You’ll find inspiration here.

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