11 New Indie Songs that mark a turning point in 2021

Here are 11 new singles just released that tell a great tale.

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Reverie by Becoming Young Inspires us to Face the Storm with Love

Sally Boy “Just friends now” is a bridge to what’s coming next

Quinton VanSlyke ‘Basement Daze’ Takes Listeners Drifting across a Musical Soundscape

Black + White TV Song 60 Thinks about his last day on earth

EDM DJ Producer SLIPPY is creating rich atmospheres and eerie melodies

Daddy B is creating a Movement with sound on faith inspired single Redemption (Purple)

D.W ‘Ride’ tells a story about a dangerous relationship

Rock Band The Refusers speak today’s spirit of rage and simmering revolution against the establishment on New Music Video

Sleuths New Autobiographical Single ‘Umbilicus’ Deals With Impending Loss

The Song Tailors Last Release Of 2020 ‘Sting’ Features Toronto’s Liam Isaac

Will Los Angeles Pop Singer Lily Lewis have another streaming success with ‘Radio Silence’…

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