10 Indie Songs Written During Quarantine offering Hope and Perspective

Time capsule songs that give listeners hope

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During times of struggle, indie artists are reflecting their situations on time capsule songs that give listeners hope and encourage forward momentum.

Tough times never last, but tough people do. Be strong because tough times never last forever and the lessons you learn during hard times, become the education you carry forward with you to handle anything to come.

The roots your are growing are becoming deep and strong, so no future wind can blow you over. Jacqueline Jax

I think you’ll love these brand new singles that have all been written during quarantine.

“Thinking Of You” by UnderRoot

a fusion between classical-cinematic theme and a very dreamy vocal. This song’s lyrics connect with people going through a rough period of time in this modern human history.

Genre: Classical Pop, Orchestral Pop, Indie, Psychedelic Pop, Cinematic Pop

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See You Tomorrow by The Song Tailors Featuring Dylan Kline

carries a message of hope in difficult times. The new single is a true story about being far away from the people we love and how we long for the day we can be with each other again.

That’s why we say ‘See You Tomorrow’ rather than ‘Goodbye’.

Genre: Indie, pop

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Jessica Falk, “Little Love”

is a happy feel good song with a deeper message at its core. Dare to dream! Now is the time to start living your life! Do what you can with what you have! As the song says…. “Dance in the rain instead of waitin’ on the sun.”

Genre: Pop Music

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The Glacial Drift Releases New Single Machina reminds us that we are not alone

A glossy soulful female voice to calm the storm. Her voice is comforting, reassuring a certain character in her story “You’ve got choices of your own, you’re not alone”. The gently nudging drums and gleaming synths squiggles immerse you in the song’s peaceful atmosphere.

Genre: Electronic Rock

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D E M O A Different Way

fusing wisps of pop, funk, r&b, and electronic into a smoky signature indie rock tune about taking the world in your hands and looking for a brighter future.

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Sanvi Belwal Releases ‘Off my mind’

from her COVID lock-down production EP Attempt 1. Boston Songwriter Sanvi Belwal’s first single ‘Off my mind’ is a light-hearted song about how your crush can take up every breathing moment of your life.

Genre: Genre is Pop, and the Sub-genre is Indie pop and lo-fi pop

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‘Full Moon” by Bianca Palomin

was inspired by the adventures taken in my black Silverado truck. Once darkness falls, the hidden side of us comes to light. Especially during quarantine, we need to remember all the good times had and more of those good times ahead.

Genre: Rock: Southern Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Indie Rock, Country-Rock

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The new single ‘The Walls’ by The Band Esther

is about someone who tore down their walls for another person and got stuck in an abusive relationship. Right now we are getting ready to shoot a music video for a song off of our EP (The Pandemic) called “Die Loving You”.

Genre: Alternative Rock

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‘Up to you’ by Tyler Ganus is a single close to the heart.

It is all about mental health and dealing with emotions. Everyone experiences grief in a different way, and sometimes it takes a while to get through that.

Genre: Pop Music

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Abigail Jerri encourages music listeners during tough times with new single ‘Mind’

We have all experienced some tougher moments in life. This song takes you to the better moments that follow. Sometimes you need to “waste” time on whomever, or whatever, you love.

Genre: Pop/R&B

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I hope you enjoyed the music today. Please leave me a comment letting me know what you liked best.

The artists would love to hear from you and I’m very interested in your opinion.

Jacqueline Jax
Music journalist, publicist and radio host AVA Live Radio

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Radio Host @AVALIVERADIO ❤️ Journalist ❤️ I write for people who expect more from life and strive to improve their mindset. You’ll find inspiration here.

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Jacqueline Jax

Jacqueline Jax

Radio Host @AVALIVERADIO ❤️ Journalist ❤️ I write for people who expect more from life and strive to improve their mindset. You’ll find inspiration here.

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